fall fruit picking at tougas family farm

Hi everyone, hope you had a lovely fall weekend! I love fall even though I spend the vast majority of the season being sick - but being sick doesn't really stop me from doing all the fall things I love. Last week on Indigenous Peoples Day, Gerome and I went to Tougas Family Farm to go apple and pumpkin picking. It was a lot of fun and I probably ate my body weight in apples that day (as an attempt to stay healthy, of course). Keep reading to see photos from our fruit picking excursion, including details on what I wore plus some more casual fall outfit ideas if you want to look cute and not blend into the flannel-wearing masses at whatever farm you plan on visiting.

this is yna tougas family farm

I am overly excited about all things seasonal and have an undying enthusiasm for Pumpkin Spice Lattes, prettily-decorated Beacon Hill steps, and autumnal fruit picking. I didn't go fruit picking much when I was growing up even though I loved the idea of it, so of course Gerome and I had to go apple and pumpkin picking this year as soon as the weather was right and I was semi-healthy. We are both actually mildly allergic to apples so it was a hilarious thing for us to be doing, but fresh apples are so yummy that it's worth it. The experience is definitely something I would recommend even if you're fresh out of college and probably shouldn't be buying overpriced apples or if you have four kids and don't really want to chase them around an orchard. It's a worthwhile autumnal experience that ends in bags of delicious and healthy fruit plus lots of great Instagram photos. Tougas Family Farm was packed the day we went because of the holiday but there was still a lot of fruit to go around and lots of space to run around and take pretty photos.

Rules of the game + playing field. There were so many rows of apples to pick from and we loved the gala apples, granny smith apples, and basically all of the apples except the red delicious apples. I feel like whoever named red delicious apples did not actually bother tasting them...

This is me trying to get an apple while already holding and consuming another, and being excited to then have two apples. This happened on many occasions during our trip and I don't think there were any moments where I was not eating an apple as we walked through the orchard. Gerome wouldn't let me carry the bag of apples so it just freed up my hands to eat two apples at a time.


I was probably most excited about the pumpkin patch because it's October and therefore I want anything and everything pumpkin-related. I took my time looking at all of the pumpkins, which were all so pretty even with little kids tripping over them and sitting on them. My favorite thing was when I saw little babies sitting next to pumpkins that were bigger than them. I ended up getting one pumpkin that Gerome and I plan on decorating. We were going to turn it into a pumpkin pie but all the recipes I saw needed canned pumpkin so we probably won't be cutting into the pumpkin (which I named Fred and have grown attached to, so it's probably for the best).

IMG_2291 (1).JPG

I Instagrammed these guys because different colored pumpkins are beautiful and need love too.

this is yna fred weasley the pumpkin
this is yna tougas farm pumpkin

Finally, here are some shots of my outfit (including my hair looking crazy in the wind and me looking way too happy while holding a pumpkin). I was going for comfort that day since I knew we would be walking around a lot during our time at the farm but I also wanted to incorporate a fall hue into my look. The main part of my look was the BCBGMAXAZRIA Marcia lace up top. I love lace up tops in general but I love this one especially for the wide lace-up detailing and the bright red-orange color which screams FALL to me. I'm wearing it in the color "pomegranate" but it also comes in other colors like black, canvas, and light magenta. It's a super versatile top that can be dressed up or down (I've worn it while traveling, clubbing, and many other occasions). I wore it with my favorite Splendid cardigan on top and my newest 7 for All Mankind ankle skinny jeans on the bottom. It was pretty chilly that day but not so chilly that I needed a jacket all day. The jeans were perfect since they have the right balance of stretch and structure that allows you move about while your jeans still look flattering. For shoes, I chose to wear my trusty Docs since they're the best boots for doing anything outdoorsy - very durable and super comfortable. Below are some more casual outfit ideas to help you choose what to wear when you go fruit picking this fall.

Casual fall outfit idea #1: Off-the-shoulder dress, faux fur vest, and suede over-the-knee boots

Dress: re:named Vest: BB Dakota Boots: Marc Fisher

Casual fall outfit idea #2: suede moto jacket, distressed jeans, suede booties

Jacket: Capulet Jeans: Blank Booties: Jeffrey Campbell

Casual fall outfit idea #3: satin bomber jacket, t-shirt dress, sneakers

Jacket: Topshop Dress: Socialite Sneakers: adidas

That's it for my Tougas Family Farm adventures and my casual fall outfit ideas! Have you gone fruit picking this fall? Tell me all about it in the comments! I'd love to know what you wore and what you did with all of the fruit you got because so far we've made one apple crumble and still have a ton more apples. I would love if you checked me out on social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) and I would love even more if you made sure you're registered to vote at iwillvote.com. The registration deadline for Massachusetts is this Wednesday, 10/19 and you can even vote early in many places! Thanks for stopping by my blog and come back soon for my next post!

xoxo Yna