urban decay naked ultimate basics eyeshadow palette review

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend and fun start to October! It was raining here in Boston so I didn't get to do all the outdoorsy autumnal things I wanted to do, but staying in meant I got to play with my new baby - Urban Decay's Naked Ultimate Basics eyeshadow palette! I was excited about this palette ever since it was announced (as I am with all Urban Decay palettes) and ended up buying it once it was in stores at Sephora. If you're thinking about getting this palette, I've written this review for you. I hope this helps you choose whether to add this new palette to your collection or not!

this is yna ud naked ultimate basics packaging

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow Palette $54

I've been wanting more matte eyeshadows for a while now. So many of my eyeshadows are some form of shimmer or bright color and I needed more matte and neutral shades for more diverse everyday looks. When I heard that the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette was coming out, I was excited by all of the matte neutral shades I would be able to add to my eyeshadow collection. I needed more shadows that I could wear to work without my eyes looking too extra and I also needed shadows that blended nicely together. One of the critiques I had seen about this palette was that many of the shades looked too similar to each other, but I was totally fine with that. I've hit pan on most of the light neutral shades I already have in my collection, so I knew I would use all of the light neutral shades in the Naked Ultimate Basics palette a lot as well.

this is yna ud naked ultimate basics palette

The packaging of the Naked Ultimate Basics palette is absolutely stunning. I know that packaging isn't everything, but it's nice to see that the $54 you're spending on a palette is going toward a lot more than just the pretty shadows inside. It's a very solid-feeling rose gold palette with raised ridges and the name of the palette on the front. The lettering and some of the ridges are shiny but the palette as a whole is matte. The square shape of the palette might make it difficult to store alongside the other Naked palettes, but it is a compact an sturdy enough palette that you can travel with it. The shades inside make this a very good travel palette since they all work very well together. It has a magnetic closure so you can be sure it won't randomly open and spill the shadows unless it's jostled or dropped hard. The palette itself is made in America, but the eyeshadow brush is made in China.

this is yna naked ultimate basics open palette

The palette has a really big mirror, which is a must for traveling and doing makeup in general. It also includes a small double-ended brush. One of the sides has longer and fluffier hairs to use for blending and the other has short and very densely packed hairs for smudging. I like the bigger side for packing on eyeshadow onto my lid, but it's not the greatest at blending shadows. The smudging side, however, is perfect for smudging out liner shades on your lash line. The palette has twelve colors which are all very buttery and blendable. Some reviews have called the eyeshadows chalky, but I think it's just the look it gives off since they're all matte eyeshadows. Blow is some sort of demi matte eyeshadow and it does look a bit shimmery, but the rest are very matte. I've swatched all the eyeshadows below to help you see what they look like on medium skin tone. They're a little out of order, but the following picture will show you where the shadows sit in the palette.

this is yna urban decay naked ultimate basics swatches

Top Row: Blackjack, Lockout, Extra Bitter, Instinct, Commando, Blow

Bottom Row: Lethal, Magnet, Faith, Pre-Game, Tempted, Nudie

this is yna naked ultimate basics full palette

I really like the broad range of colors. The other Naked palette that I have is the Naked3 palette, and the colors in that palette mostly all fall on a rose gold-pink spectrum. I like how you get a black, gray, red-orange, browns, taupes, and many shades of nude in this palette. These are all the shades you get: Blow (light nude demi-matte), Nudie (soft pink-nude matte), Commando (light taupe-brown matte), Tempted (pale brown matte), Instinct (medium pink-taupe matte), Lethal (reddish brown matte), Pre-Game (pale yellow matte), Extra Bitter (burnt orange matte), Faith (medium warm brown matte), Lockout (rich neutral brown matte), Magnet (smoky gray matte), and Blackjack (warm black matte). They're very easy to blend if you use the right kind of brush and it's so easy to get a pretty look with even just two shades. You can also use a lot of the shades for more dimension, but I have very little lid space so I try not to be too extra with my eyeshadow looks. The shadows don't have much fallout when you swirl your brush in them or when you apply them, which is really nice. Urban Decay shadows are known for their quality and this palette does not disappoint.

this is yna urban decay naked ultimate basics selfie

They are all very pigmented on my skin, and I'm currently wearing Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Syracuse (medium-dark with brown undertones / Sephora Color IQ #2Y10) for color reference. I would definitely suggest applying these over an eyeshadow primer or concealer (what I use as eyeshadow primer) so that the colors show up as best as possible when you apply them. I didn't find the lighter colors too sheer even though my skin tone is quite a bit darker than some of the other reviewers I've seen who have tested this palette. I like using Blow as an inner corner and brow highlight. For simple everyday looks like the one in the above selfie, I've been using Nudie and Commando as all-over lid shades and using Faith and Lockout in my crease. For a little more drama in nighttime looks, I add the darker shades like Lethal and Blackjack in the outer corners and lash lines. I also love Extra Bitter, since it's such an autumnal color - I definitely want to play with more red-orange eye looks soon.

Overall, I love the palette and have used it every day since I bought it. It works really well for my needs, since I was lacking in neutral matte eyeshadows. However, if you're someone who already has a million palettes with neutral mattes like the Too Faced Natural Matte Eye Palette or the Lorac Pro Palette, you don't really need this in your makeup collection. Of course, if you're a big Urban Decay fan like me, you'll probably want to get it anyway since it is such a beautiful palette. Let me know in the comments if you'll be getting this palette or if you have any suggestions for other beauty products you'd like me to try and review! Thank you so much for reading this post - please follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to stay updated on when my next post will be coming out! I'm trying to post every Monday, but I'll try to post on other days as well! Have an amazing week!

xoxo Yna