october favorites + new over the knee boots

Happy Halloween everyone - I hope you had a fun and safe weekend! My Halloween weekend mostly consisted of eating a lot of food and going to Target a lot but it was still quite enjoyable. It's so crazy that it's already the end of October but this month I have some favorites to share with you! This is a short list of different things that I've loved this month but they're all amazing. One of my newest favorites is a pair of over-the-knee boots I've only had since Saturday since I bought them for a Halloween party, but I love them so much that I had to share them asap!

Mossimo Black Mariah Over the Knee Boots


I've been wanting suede over the knee boots for quite a while now - ever since I saw the Stuart Weitzman Highland boots in person, I've been coveting them. Since I know I should be paying off my rent and student loans, I have never been able to buy them, but I did still want to get a pair that emulated their perfection while still being affordable. I've been browsing different stores looking for boots that looked like them and were under $100 but still of great quality. Lots of different versions of the suede over the knee boot with a back tie are kind of flimsy, don't stretch well, or hold their shape when walking in them. However, when I found these at Target, I fell in love.


This version of the boots has a slightly stretchy faux suede material and has a zip inside from your mid-calf to the ankle to help you get your legs all the way in. The top stays taut around your thigh if you tie it well and doesn't fall down much at all even with a lot of walking, which I definitely did throughout this weekend. It's a really nice boot if you have thicker thighs but also fall prey to boots that slouch down your calves, so basically this boot should be able to accommodate any kind of leg. I didn't think that it was as cheap-feeling as other ultra-affordable suede boots feel even though its retail price is only $49.99. I was happy that it survived the party I went to Saturday night so that I could wear it again the following day when my boyfriend and I went to SoWa Spooktacular, dim sum brunch at Myers + Chang, and also prepared for an impromptu taco night with friends at my apartment.

If you want to try these boots out and you're petite like me, don't worry! I've seen some over the knee boots that have gone way up my thighs but these are a comfortable few inches above my knee. In black, they come in sizes 6 to 11 with half sizes (except 10.5) and in taupe they come in sizes 5.5 to 11. They fit pretty true to size so I wear them in a size 6. The heel is 4" with no platform and is pretty comfortable until you wear them for too long, but I wore them for over 5 hours two days in a row and was fine until the very end. If you love over the knee boots and want to try an affordable pair before splurging on Stuart Weitzmans, I recommend you give these a shot!

Burt's Bees lip balms save my lips' lives all year round but October is particularly harsh on them since the seasons are changing more aggressively and my lips react poorly to the suddenly dry and cold air. I finished a couple tubes of my Burt's Bees lip balms recently and then picked up this new gift set up to replenish my lip balm collection. I especially love the Mango flavor but I'm now using Pomegranate, which also smells amazing. I find that these lip balms are super moisturizing and hydrate even the super-dry edges of my lips. If you pick up this particular set, grab a few more and save them as stocking stuffers for the holiday season!

ColourPop Ultra Satin Lippie in Baracuda

This is the lippie I'm wearing in the photos above with my new boots, and it's a new and favorite acquisition of mine. It's my first Ultra Satin Lippie from ColourPop and it's from their Fall Edit - a warm rose color that's so pretty with any kind of makeup look whether you're going for a subtle face or a dramatic one. I've had a bunch of their Ultra Matte Lippies which are really nice as well in terms of pigment and staying power, but they're also varying levels of drying. This one is a very smooth and creamy liquid lipstick and while it does transfer, much of the pigment holds onto your lips without drying or crumbling off as the day goes on. Definitely going to be trying more of the Satin Lippies - hopefully at least one from the Hello Kitty x ColourPop line dropping tomorrow!

Capture Your Style by Aimee Song

Besides all of the comics I've been reading lately thanks to my boyfriend, my favorite book of the month is Aimee Song's Capture Your Style. It's an amazing resource if you need help on your Instagram game (I sure do) and it's also a refreshing insight into how a blogger as successful as Aimee has gotten to where she is today by doing social media really well - something that looks simple to outsiders but can actually be very complex. One of my favorite pages so far was actually where she listed a bunch of her favorite Instagrammers - I went ahead and followed all of them and my feed has never looked so aesthetically pleasing as it does now. Definitely check out the book if you want a chic new coffee table book that will also inspire you to improve your Instagram photos!

The Walking Dead

daryl dixon this is yna the walking dead.jpg

My favorite show this month is The Walking Dead. Gerome and I aren't caught up to the current season yet (we're a bit into season 6) since I just started watching last month and then he started to rewatch once I caught up to where he stopped watching. Yes, we know who dies at the beginning of season 7 but no, we don't want to talk about it. We're still hung up on Beth's sketchy and sad death since we were really gunning for her and Daryl to get together (okay that's mostly me shipping them but Gerome totally saw it too) so we don't want to discuss all our favorite characters inevitably dying. We can't stop watching TWD though and are averaging an episode or two a day at this point. Hopefully we'll be caught up before anything else majorly sad happens in season 7.

That's it for my October favorites! Let me know in the comments what you were for Halloween - I'd love to see your costumes! I was a non-committal Kylie Jenner with Gerome as a non-committal Tyga so there aren't any photos of us since we didn't really try too hard. Let me know if you share any of my favorites from this month or think there are any things I should try out in November from your own favorites this month. Don't forget that you can get 20% off Anarchy Street by using the code YNA20 if you'd like to start off the next month with some new accessories. Check me out on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and come back soon for my next blog post!

xoxo Yna