november favorites + boohoo petite pinafore dress

Hi guys! Can you believe it's December already? I can't - I really thought there was a November 31st until I had an "oh sh*t my rent is due today" moment yesterday. I've been posting a lot of gift guides but today I wanted to put together a monthly favorites post. November was rough for me and many others because of what happened in the US presidential election, but I still tried to enjoy life. I also wanted to show off a new dress that I got from Boohoo. It was my first time ordering from them so I was excited to try their petites line. I hope you like this post!

Boohoo Petite Martha Pinafore Dress

Zara Mock Neck Top (similar from Banana Republic)

Mossimo Mariah Over the Knee Boots

As you can probably tell from how hard I'm laughing in the above picture, Gerome and I had a lot of fun shooting this dress. We went to the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard during what was probably one of the last warm days of autumn and just had a lot of fun taking photos. I'd gotten the Boohoo Petite Martha Pinafore Dress a few days before and was very excited to wear it. It had taken a long time to arrive, which was kind of upsetting. When I ordered the dress, the Boohoo website gave me an estimated date of arrival, but when I checked the tracking information from my emails, the day would keep changing. At one point it even said that the item I was trying to track did not exist in the system. Boohoo customer service people were pretty unhelpful and just kept telling me that it would arrive on some random day which did not correspond to the day the tracking information gave me. I understood that it was coming all the way from the UK but to wait two weeks for a dress I expected to arrive in a few days was painful. However, waiting so long made its arrival feel so sweet and I ended up loving the dress.

I wore my Boohoo petite pinafore dress layered with a black mock neck top from Zara (I've linked a similar top from Banana Republic with more weather-appropriate long sleeves) and my over the knee boots from Target. I had been wanting a pinafore dress for a while after seeing Lydia Elise Millen in her numerous jumpsuits and pinafore dresses like the Club Monaco Ermin Dress. She just looked so put together whenever she would wear a pinafore-style item and I wanted to emulate that look as well. I got the dress in the camel color (it also comes in black), and I'm really happy with the decision. It looks really nice layered with any kind of contrasting color top underneath so I chose to pair it with a black mock neck. I want to try wearing it with some button downs as well.

The dress is an interesting elastane material - not too thick and a little stretchy so it's easy to layer under. I ordered it in a petite size 0 and it fits perfectly. Dresses are usually too long on me, sometimes even petite size dresses, but this one hits at my mid-thigh. They just graze my over-the-knee boots a little (depending on how high I'm wearing them) which makes it a perfect length if it's cold. I have also worn the dress with knee high socks and am planning on wearing it with tights as well this winter. I love the square neckline of the dress as well as its slender a-line shape. Gerome thinks the dress looks like Chance the Rapper's signature overalls but I don't mind - I love Chance!

I'm excited to wear this dress with more layering pieces and different shoes. It's perfect for fall and winter since it allows you to layer without just wearing sweaters on sweaters. I highly recommend you check out this dress as well as other pieces in Boohoo's petites line if you're short like me and want pretty fall and winter dresses that fit. You might have to be patient because their shipping could take a long time - but hopefully it's worth it in the end!

ColourPop x Hello Kitty Collection

My next favorite is the ColourPop x Hello Kitty collection. I only got three things (I'm trying to practice self-control, okay?) but I love all of them. I've been obsessed with Hello Kitty forever and I got super excited when I saw that ColourPop were launching a collab with Hello Kitty. To be completely honest, the colors in general were not really anything I was super into at the time. Lots of bright pinks and reds when I'm more of a toned down mauves and nudes kind of girl, but I was committed to trying some of it out for the sake of collecting HK products.

ColourPop x Hello Kitty Konnichiwa Lippie Stix

ColourPop x Hello Kitty Tiny Chum Ultra Satin Lip

ColourPop x Hello Kitty Coin Purse Ultra Shock Cheek

I like all of the formulas of these products but don't have a lot of them like I do of ColourPop's Ultra Matte lippies, so I wanted to try them out more. The Lippie Stix in Konnichiwa has a creme finish and is a cool blue-toned pink which is really flattering on my lips. The Ultra Satin Lip in Tiny Chum can look a little pale on me on my tanner days, but it's a light pinky nude that wears well under different metallic or glossy toppers. It's a very easy-wearing formula so I'm not afraid to layer different lip products with it - I've even mixed it with Konnichiwa a couple times. The blush may look like a super scary bright pink, but Coin Purse actually looks really flattering on your cheeks so long as you apply it with a light hand and blend. It's usually suggested to apply Super Shock Cheek with your fingers, but this one works nicely with a fluffy brush to help control the amount of product you're applying. Overall, I'm very glad I got these bits of the collection. They're fun colors to have and the Hello Kitty packaging makes me really happy.

Shiseido Ibuki Protective Moisturizer SPF 18

I've been using this Shiseido moisturizer religiously ever since I picked it up at the Sephora VIB sale near the beginning of the month. I already knew I wanted to try this moisturizer but luckily for me there was a Shiseido vendor at Sephora when I went so I was able to have all of my remaining questions about the product answered. She told me right away that this was good for women in their 20s that are beginning to experience their first throes of stress-induced acne (aka me 100%) and would be soothing, calming, and extremely hydrating to the skin. She also told me that the SPF version was better for day while the one without SPF was for nighttime, so I went with the version with SPF. I use it both day and night but sometimes I'll use my Estee Lauder night creme instead. I love how this moisturizer feels. It hasn't magically cured me of acne or anything, but my skin feels more refreshed after I apply it. It just feels so nourishing and isn't too thick so it's perfect if you want to apply makeup over top of it.

Harry Potter Pajamas

In addition to taking me to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them the day it came out (the movie was AMAZING, by the way), Gerome also got me two sets of adorable Harry Potter pajamas from Primark. I pretty much lived in them for all of November and they are so damn comfy and cute. I'm a Potterhead for life and later in December Gerome and I are actually going to the Yule Ball! It's basically a childhood dream come true. I kind of wish Ravenclaw pajamas were being sold but I can pretend to be a Gryffindor for now. These aren't on the Primark website anymore but last I checked, the HP merchandise is still in store (at least at the Boston location).

Fall Formal A Night at the Castle Benefitting Dana-Farber

One of my favorite events in November was the Fall Formal at the Castle at Park Plaza. I got two tickets to the event from Extra Petite (thanks again Jean!) and had an amazing time. It was for a really good cause (donating to cancer research is never a bad idea) and was a chance for Gerome and I to dress up and be fancy for a night. It was a fun time at a really cool venue and I'd love to go again next year so I can keep supporting cancer research. You can click here if you want to donate to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for the holidays.

Pantsuit Nation

This organization / Facebook group helped me get through a lot of November. I told Gerome it was kind of like 'Chicken Soup for the Hillary supporter's soul.' Being a part of the 'secret' Facebook group has let me read and react to lots of beautiful stories from other Hillary supporters. A lot of hatred has spread since the US election and it's easy to feel alone or scared, even when you're living in a blue city in a blue state. I'm all about the power of storytelling, which is the main mission of Pantsuit Nation. Real change can be created if people speak up about the things that are happening to them or around them. This is also the belief system behind the AAPI mental health organization I help run, Together Empowering Asian Minds. Basically, if you care about something, speak up. If something is affecting you negatively or even positively, share that too! Working in social media can mean putting yourself out there a lot but I know that adding a voice (if coming from a place of love and compassion) to the greater dialogue of the world can only help and heal. Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love.

That's it for my November favorites, I hope you enjoyed it! If you liked reading this post please give it a LIKE and comment below with your favorite things from November - I'd love to see if there are any new products I'd want to try. If you haven't already, please follow me on InstagramTwitterBloglovin', and Facebook so that you're always up to date with new blog posts! Have a wonderful start to December and see you back here soon 😘

xoxo Yna