hello 2017

Hey everyone! Happy new year and welcome to my first post of 2017! I actually thought I'd write more posts in 2016 and earlier on in 2017, but during the holidays I wanted to focus on family time, and then after going back to work, I felt super busy and overwhelmed by the new year. Now that I've had two weeks to get used to real life again, I'm finally back to blogging! I wanted to start the year off on my blog with a roundup of my favorite things and moments from 2016 (overall, it was a crappy year but we definitely enjoyed some good times) and a bit about what I hope will happen in 2017! It's a long post so grab some hot cocoa, snuggle up, and enjoy!

this is yna hello 2017

Here's one of favorite outfits of 2016! I wore it on Christmas Eve and many other times during the holidays and will probably keep on wearing the pieces in the outfit well into 2017. I'm wearing an AllSaints sweater, a Banana Republic skirt, and Kenneth Cole booties. I've worn the AllSaints sweater to death since getting it on Black Friday - while I'm getting ready, I've had to start asking Gerome whether I've already worn the sweater more than twice in the past week. It's so thick, warm, comfy, and it really speaks to the quality that comes from AllSaints. I'm a serial outfit repeater, so it's really nice when I find pieces that can maintain their quality even after getting worn over and over again. The waffle knit and the shape of the sweater are just so cute and the roll neck is really great at keeping warmth in during this frigid winter.

The tartan pattern of my skirt was a need for me during Christmastime. I'm not the preppiest person ever, but I love the whole preppy New England look in the winter. I was looking everywhere for a green tartan wool skirt in a petite length and was lucky to find one at Banana Republic. The bag I'm wearing was a gift from Santa (delivered to us by Gerome's parents) and I think it's a very cute addition to my small but growing Kate Spade collection. If you want to shop similar items to the different pieces of this outfit, please visit thisisyna.com/shop or the "Shop" tab at the top of this page. On the shop page of my blog you can shop outfits and products from many of my Instagram posts and in 2017 I'll definitely be updating it with more details from all of my Instagram posts.

To start my year in review - last January, Gerome and I saw the Broadway musical version of Beauty and the Beast. It was amazing (it's my favorite Disney princess movie and "our" Disney couple movie lol) and I'm so excited for the live action movie this year, especially because Emma Watson is playing Belle!

That month we also stayed at a beautiful house by Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire for a friend's birthday weekend. It was a beautiful winter getaway and a fun time had with friends.

Gerome surprised me with my first pair of Adidas Originals Superstar sneakers and they were probably my most loved and most worn shoes of 2016.

I went to the New England Aquarium for the first time ever! Fun fact: when I was in late elementary/early middle school, my dream job was to become a Marine Biologist. By late middle school, I sadly found out that science was not my calling.

2016 was the year I got my first Burberry jacket. Fingers crossed for more warm and luxurious pieces to come into my life in 2017 😘

We ate a lot of yummy things in 2016 that I can't eat any more after realizing my body fares much better with a strict gluten-free diet, like this delicious ramen from Santouka Hokkaido Ramen. Going gluten-free was a really sucky part of 2016 but it had to be done - I just kept getting so sick for days and sometimes weeks on end after eating certain meals. It's become a little easier to live with now, so I'll write a more comprehensive blog post about my gluten-free life this year!

I was obsessed with MAC matte lipsticks in 2016. I wore Velvet Teddy, Whirl, Antique Velvet, and Sin all the time.

Yvonne's Boston

A new supper club called Yvonne's opened in downtown Boston and it quickly became a favorite spot for Gerome and I. The ambiance of its library room is so cool and it's our go-to place to bring friends who want to go to a cool place to grab drinks.

Gerome and I visited and toured many different breweries, distilleries, and the like in 2016. One of my favorites was Bantam cider house (especially since I only drink cider now, no more beer).

Gerome managed to snag me a Kylie Lip Kit in 2016 and I was actually very impressed with the product. I never bothered to get any more of her stuff since I couldn't be bothered with the expensive shipping and the waiting game hype around Kylie Cosmetics, but maybe I'll give Kylie another shot this year.

Gerome and I go on really nice date nights all the time, but one of the sweetest dates we had in 2016 was a paint night where we were painting one of Van Gogh's sunflower paintings and he picked me up from work to go to the date with a surprise bouquet of sunflowers.

Gerome and I went on a lot of day trips last year, one of which was a trip to Newport, RI. It was a cloudy day but it was a gorgeous place nonetheless. The rocky beaches and mansions were absolutely beautiful and the town itself was very cute and quaint.

Part of my 22nd birthday involved lots of macarons from Gerome. I freaking love macarons and thankfully they're gluten free so I could eat them every damn day if I really wanted to.


We visited the Athenaeum, a really beautiful and old membership library in Boston. I would love to invest in a membership at the Athenaeum one day since it's one of those relics from the past that should be preserved and utilized forever.

I found my dream wedding venue (or dream house lol) on a visit to the Crane Estate in Ipswich, MA. The massive old mansion is very lovely on the inside and its expansive grounds are even more gorgeous. I highly recommend visiting the estate!

One of the best days of 2016? Probably the time WE WENT TO SEE A BEYONCE CONCERT!!!

Excuse whatever my hair is doing, but here is a shot of Gerome and I from our summer trip to Cape Code with our friends. 

Gerome and I had afternoon tea for the first time at the Boston Public Library. It was so fancy and pretty and delicious - I highly recommend it if you want a reason to get dressed up and be bougie with your friends or significant other. I really want to do it again but still have to find a place that will do afternoon tea with gluten free baked goods.

A shot from one of my favorite Cape Cod beach days with Gerome in 2016.

Since we both love art, Gerome and I went to the MFA a lot last year. One of my favorite exhibits of 2016 was the Megacities Asia exhibit. Look at me showing some pinoy pride lol 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

Two things I bought in August 2016 that I still use are my Lilly Pulitzer agenda and this Kate Spade bag. I love the gold elephants on the agenda and the bright pink color makes it easy to find in my large work bag. Having an agenda is so necessary for me to stay organized. I can take notes on my laptop and phone all the time, but sometimes things don't stick unless you write it down and have to manually check it off as you get them done. As for the bag, I just thought it was really cute and wanted a new small black handbag and I love Kate Spade.

I went to my first Boston Red Sox game in 2016! Gerome got tickets from work and they were basically front row - it was so incredible how close we were to all the action.

Gerome and I visited my family down in Pennsylvania a few times in 2016 and the times I got to see my baby sister again were so sweet. I miss her every day and I really hope 2017 brings more opportunities to visit her.

We went to Made In America festival with a bunch of friends! It was a very cool experience, and the first festival we've gone to. I'm hoping to go to more concerts and festivals this year - maybe Boston Calling?

One of the hotels we stayed at when visiting Philadelphia was the Kimpton Hotel Monaco. It is a stunningly beautiful hotel in Old City with a super cute and quirky Alice and Wonderland theme that I really adored.

On a trip to New York, Gerome and I saw Wicked! I've adored this musical forever and it was really awesome seeing it live for the first time. It was one of the best shows that I saw in 2016 and we went to quite a few.

The website of my AAPI women's mental health non-profit called Together Empowering Asian Minds officially launched in September of 2016, which was very exciting. You can visit the "TEAM" tab at the top of the page or visit TEAMAsianMinds.org to learn more about TEAM and our mental health advocacy work!

The Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette was probably my favorite makeup purchase of 2016. I still use shadows from the palette every singly day, no matter what kind of eye look I'm going for.

Halloween is always a fun time of the year and one of my favorite Halloween activities was going pumpkin picking for the first time ever. We painted the pumpkin we picked a Batman/Joker/Harley Quinn mix since we both got really into comics again in 2016.

Getting to work with two of my favorite influencers - @flamcis and @hapatime on a social media campaign for my non-profit TEAM was really cool. Seeing blogging and influencer work from a brand's perspective has really helped me evaluate what I want to do with my own blogging career.

Gerome and I went to a bunch of Celtics games in 2016 - who knew watching sports could be so fun?

Got tickets to the Boston Fall Formal benefitting Dana-Farber from @extrapetite and it was a really fun night for Gerome and I. We loved dressing up and dancing the night away.


I was very excited that a new Harry Potter movie was coming out in 2016 and ended up stocking up on more new Harry Potter merch than a grown adult probably needs in their life.

Christmas came early for me in 2016. Gerome got me a rose gold Alex and Ani candy cane bracelet, a really glam makeup brush set from Sephora, and tickets to the Yule Ball (which was freaking amazing and a childhood Harry Potter nerd dream come true). Gerome doesn't even like Christmas that much but he has made the past four Christmases really special in different ways for me, and I'm so grateful for everything I'm blessed with as his girlfriend.

We spent Christmas with my family in 2016 and as you can tell by my eyes-closed smile, it made me really happy to see my siblings again. I didn't see my brother MJ the last time I visited since he went back to the Philippines for art school, so it was nice for all of us to be together again. Peep Dani's little santa hat bow from my mom's Etsy store GhinesCreations. While I'm giving family shoutouts, go follow my brother's Soundcloud Mojo Beats!

Here is me, my sister, my mom, and my brother on Christmas. Aren't we all so cute and stylish?

Gerome and I ended the year at RUKA Restobar, an awesome new Peruvian/Japanese/Chinese restaurant in downtown Boston. The only way 2016 could end well was with some nice, strong drinks to help us forget all the bad things that came out of 2016 LOL. But really, it was a very lovely New Years Eve with mahal ko 😍

Before I let you go, here are a few comments about my hopes for 2017. Firstly, I would really appreciate it if Donald Trump doesn't destroy the country and the world (any further than he has). He's a bad person and probably going to be a bad president, but hopefully the Republican party and those advising him get it together and start making him act like a President should. So far he's acted like a spoiled 4-year-old brat whose favorite hobbies include misusing Twitter, inciting racially charged hate crimes, threatening nuclear destruction, and taking away healthcare from the millions of Americans he's supposed to be helping. I'm not sure what it will take for the Democrats, Independents, and the few good Republicans left to "make America great again" (aka make it like it was in Obama's presidency), but I'm praying 2017 doesn't actually turn out as dreadful as 2016 ended up being.

Secondly, I hope to develop my blog more. I say this every year, but I really want to spend more time on my blog in 2017. I want to have more content, better photos, maybe some video, and lots of different kinds of posts. I want to include my advocacy work more on my blog as well. This ties back to my little rant about Trump and it also ties back to my posts about my non-profit TEAM. Political advocacy (for women's rights, racial equality, healthcare accessibility, immigration rights, etc) and mental health advocacy are things I really want to use this platform to talk about more. I did a Rock the Vote Instagram collab last year and would occasionally mention what I was working on advocacy-wise in a few blog posts, but I wish I did more to make my opinions known. This is a fashion and lifestyle blog, but much of my 'lifestyle' is reading up on and talking about important social issues, so I want to put that out there more. I already talk a lot about politics and social issues on Twitter, so please go follow me @disisyna (yes, @thisisyna was taken and is sadly an unused account - maybe I can get my hands on it this year!).

If you've made it here to the end, congrats! Hopefully this extra-long post makes up for the weeks without a blog post on This Is Yna. It took me hours across multiple days to look through all my photos from 2016 but it was a nice walk down memory lane. Now that I'll be posting more again, make sure you're following me on Bloglovin’InstagramTwitter, and Facebook so you can be updated on my life and latest blog posts! I hope you have a fantastic 2017 and hope you enjoy my blog this year!

xoxo Yna