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Hey you, welcome (or welcome back) to my blog! If you’ve been here before, you may have noticed that it all looks a little different. I just redesigned it (hence the month off from posting anything) and while I am still working on a few more tweaks, I hope you like it and are finding it easy to navigate. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know in the comments! Anyway - onto the point of this post! Everyone has been raving about the new Fenty Beauty line and I am no exception to this. I’ve spent a few weeks playing with the products that I purchased, so keep reading for a thorough review of how I’ve liked the products that I tried out and my overall thoughts about Rihanna's collection!


When the Fenty Beauty line launched, I watched the launch event livestream and ooh’d and ahh’d at the products as influencers tried them out for the first time. It’s always exciting when someone I adore launches a beauty line, but this was especially exciting since Rihanna’s focus was to cater for women of color and all the skin tones we have. Aside from the Pro Filt'r Foundation which currently is available in a whopping 40 shades, I was most interested in the Match Stix. I’m a sucker for innovative packaging so I really liked how both the color products and the tools were magnetized to fit together nicely. I ended up purchasing the Match Stix trio in Medium, which I hoped was the right shade for me. I really liked the shimmer shade in Trippin’ and was hoping that the highlight and contour shade would work. I wasn’t sure I was ready to commit to the Pro Filt'r Foundation yet since the collection came out in September and my skin tone was still at its peak tan - I have very finicky skin that lightens and darkens aggressively with the seasons and I was waiting for a foundation that could be worn more in the fall. I ended up buying the foundation a few weeks later which I'll talk about later in the post (for color reference, I was about shade 300 when it first came out but ended up purchasing shade 280).


I decided I would try one of the portable brushes and went with the portable highlighter brush. Like I said, I was into the magnetized packaging and loved that it snapped in with the Match Stix trio and could easily be thrown in a bag for on-the-go makeup application. I don’t travel too much but when I do, my makeup always ends up being the heaviest and bulkiest part of what I pack - I’ll try anything to lessen that. The Medium 200 Match Stix Trio comes in Mocha, Bamboo, and Trippin'. On the fentybeauty.com website, you can customize your own trio, but I was shopping at Sephora so I had to get a premade set to get the deal. It’s $54 for the whole thing as opposed to $75 if you got 3 Match Stix individually. If you’re shopping at Sephora that’s an amazing deal if you’re willing to sacrifice having the absolute perfect shades. I knew that my Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation shade was probably somewhere in the upper 200s, so I went with the lighter set since the Sephora sales associated said that it seemed like it would blend in easier. So far, I’ve been mostly happy with it.


The highlighting shade Bamboo looks a little ashy in my undereye area, but that happens with a lot of concealers since I have such intense dark circles. I use it for brightening anyway but layer a different concealer (and sometimes color corrector) underneath for my actual dark circles. I use it on the bridge of my nose, my forehead, parts of my cheeks, and chin to highlight those areas and it has been blending out quite nicely. The contour shade Mocha is perfect for subtle contouring but you can build it up. I put it in the usual places - along my hairline, on the sides of my nose, under my cheekbones, and around my jawline. What I love about these products is that they’re super easy to blend - I’ve just been using Real Techniques sponges with them and I can buff out the product quite easily. I might try the portable concealer brush in the future (just to have more magnetic things tbh) but they work well with a beauty sponge for now. If you’re looking for a more chiseled look, you’ll probably want to layer on more product or get a darker contour shade, but for everyday contouring it’s perfect.


Trippin' is my favorite part of the trio. The shimmery peach is so pretty with its gold flecks and it’s my first step into more colorful highlighters. All of the shimmer Match Stix are honestly stunning but this was the one I needed in my life first. It complements my skintone so well and I've actually had a few no-makeup days where I've just worn eyebrow makeup, a moisturizing lippie, and Trippin' at the tops of my cheekbones just to give me a summery glow as we transitioned into fall. Using it with the portable highlighting brush is great - I actually haven't even tried using anything else to blend out Trippin' if I'm using it on my cheeks. Otherwise I've used all sorts of brushes as well as my fingers (on my eyes, bridge of my nose, on my cupid's bow) to blend it out. I really like the portable highlighting brush and think it diffuses the product really nicely without taking any of it away. I've heard complaints about the sparseness of the brush hairs but I haven't found that to be a problem for me. It's soft to the touch and feels nice when using it on your face - it's definitely the perfect pairing for the shimmer Match Stix.


I tried out the Match Stix and portable brush for a few weeks and liked them a lot so when the Galaxy Collection came out a week ago, I headed to Sephora to get more Fenty Beauty in my life. I swatched all the lippies since they caught my attention the most when the collection was being marketed, but I didn't love them in person. While I was thinking about getting Sci-fly and Astro-naughty, I felt like I already had a lot of similar colors in my collection. Plus, I'm not really a gloss type girl, even though I'm starting to get into it more. The collection still looked great, especially for a glitzy holiday collection, but it was a bit too much multicolor sparkle for me given my lack of use of my other extra-sparkly makeup products (I have an old Urban Decay Vice palette that needs a lot more use before I even think about getting another palette like the Galaxy palette). Of course I couldn't leave the store without getting more Fenty Beauty so I decided to get a Pro Filt'r Foundation and was matched to shade 280. I also got the Killawatt highlighter in Ginger Binge and Moscow Mule - I had been thinking about it when the collection first launched but thought the color was a bit extreme, but I finally bit the bullet and bought it.


So far, I've liked the Pro Filt'r Foundation. I've only worn it a few times but all of the times have worn really nicely. The shade works really nicely with my skintone, which is quite weird since my forehead is really dark but my cheeks are really pale - it equalized my skintone really well and didn't look like I had the wrong undertone or anything. It's a medium coverage foundation and perfect for anyone whose skin is more oily - I have oily-combination skin and lately I've been super oily but the foundation hasn't been breaking down because of it. It's matte but not like a flat, powdery matte. It's still natural looking and just works well with the texture and moisture of your skin. People say the color oxidizes but I honestly haven't noticed that - for me, the color has stayed true to how it looks when you apply. You should just carefully test a couple different colors and see them in different lighting situations to make sure the undertone matches your own. I would say that if you want to apply this, use a brush. I didn't get the foundation brush since it was sold out (but I'll probably try to snag it during the VIB sale) so I've tried to apply it with my own brushes and sponges. I found that you can blend it in so much better with a brush than a sponge - when I used a sponge I felt like the spots of foundation I placed all over my face dried down too quickly for the sponge to blend it out as well as it could have, but the product will still respond to a brush if you're slow to blend it out. The foundation is long lasting and feels great on the skin - I'll definitely update you in a future blog post or on my Instagram Stories or Twitter if I feel differently about it.


The Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Ginger Binge and Moscow Mule was calling my name ever since I heard the name of the product (just because ya girl loves Moscow Mules). When I saw the colors in person, I hesitated because they were so different from the highlighters I've tried - they looked like extra sparkly blushes. When I went to get more Fenty Beauty products a second time around, I decided to finally try it since it was just so pretty and I wanted to experiment and try to make it work. I'm not the biggest blush person and don't always wear it if I'm wearing makeup so I thought it would be cool to play with a highlighter that also doubled as a blush because of its rosy color. When applying this, I used Ginger Binge right where I would apply blush and then placed Moscow Mule a bit closer to where I would traditionally put highlighter. It was actually gorgeous when applied like that, even though I was a little concerned that it wouldn't suit my skintone or that it would just look like a sparkly mess. It's also really pretty as eyeshadow (same with Trippin') so it's a great multi-use product that I'm excited to play with more. It didn't photograph well in the swatches I did but looks beautiful on the face - you should definitely play around with it at a Sephora or Harvey Nichols store if you can to see if it would work in your own makeup routine.


I've been really pleased so far with what I've gotten from the Fenty Beauty collection and can't wait to keep using the products I already have. I think the next products I want to try are the foundation brush and the highlighter brush, and maybe more the of the shimmer Match Stix. I think Rihanna has done an excellent job with this line and I'm excited to see what products she releases next. It's so refreshing to see a makeup line that is so clearly inclusive of all women of color and to have a humanitarian and visionary like Rihanna at the helm is super inspiring. Have you tried Fenty Beauty yet? What have you liked and what have you disliked? Leave a comment below and let's have a chat about this line! If you enjoyed this post and want more, please follow my blog on Bloglovin' so you can be updated every time I post! You can also join me on social - I'm on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. With the redesign of my blog, I'm also thinking about starting a newsletter, so if you want to sign up for that for post updates and more, please click Subscribe. Thanks for stopping by my blog - please come back soon!

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