spring statement shirt

It just snowed again here in Boston despite it being April already (nice April Fool's joke, mother nature), but here's another outfit that I hope to wear more during the warmer days of spring. I love so many of this season's trends like embroidery, florals, bows, and more, so I was really happy when I found a shirt at Primark that was really affordable and had a lot of my favorite spring trends. It's super pretty and versatile so if you want to see how I styled it, keep reading this post! Don't forget to check the end of the post for other shirts that I found incorporating spring's fun trend details!

When I saw this blue striped embroidered shirt at Primark, I knew I had to have it. It has floral embroidery detailing on both sides of the shirt plus ribbon detailing on the cuffs. It was only $15 which was amazing because I knew I would be getting a lot of wear out of it this spring and summer for both work and casual days. When I first get trend pieces, I try to stick to more affordable options because even if I love it then and there, sometimes pieces with trendy details don't last a long time in my wardrobe if I can't figure out ways to wear it in later seasons. While it seems like I shop a lot, I try to make up for it by only getting pieces I can save on as well as pieces I can get a lot of wear out of. This one hits both marks.

The fit of the shirt is really nice. On someone who is taller or has a longer torso, this will probably fit more like a crop top, but it's a nice length for someone as petite as I am. I'm not the biggest fan of tucking shirts in, especially when they're made of a thicker shirt fabric. This shirt allows me to wear it without tucking it in so it helps keep my proportions looking normal. It's slightly boxy but not in an unflattering way - it's just a very comfortable fit. I bought the shirt in my usual Primark size 2, but while shopping at Primark the day I bought this shirt, I found out they have size 0 now! Size 2 is fine in this shirt but it's exciting to see another petite-friendly size!

The sleeves are a tad too long for me so I prefer to wear the cuffs open and they do look prettier that way. When I'm at work, however, I button the cuffs up because these statement sleeves can sometimes get in the way of typing. If you tie them well enough, the ribbons stay tied for the duration of your wear and you can untie them and make whatever kind of bow you want - I recommend looking up YouTube tutorials to make the perfect bow.

I love the embroidery detailing on this shirt. There are some embroidered pieces this season that are just too loud and garish for every day wear, but this detailing is delicate and pretty. The different colors of the embroidery make it easy to accessorize - this day I paired it with a peachy pink bucket bag from H&M. I also wore my favorite Quay sunglasses, which have a rose gold frame and reflective lenses. For bottoms, I wore my most comfortable pair of Paige jeans and Steve Madden booties - perfect for a walk around Public Garden.

Here are a few more outfit photos! Below I have a list of the outfit details plus my recommendations for similar shirts. The Primark shirt is still online so you should still be able to find it at Primark USA locations, but I also wanted to list a couple of my favorite statement shirts that I found online in case you're not near a Primark!

That's it for this outfit post! What trend pieces have you gotten for spring that you know will make a heavy rotation in your wardrobe this season? Let me know in the comments! Please also give this post a like if you enjoyed it and comment with any questions or feedback you may have. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Bloglovin' if you want to keep up with my life. Thanks for reading - please come back soon!

xoxo Yna