summer favorites

Hey everyone! I gotta be honest with you - this summer was not totally great. I have so many blog posts in my drafts but I haven't had the energy or motivation to finish a lot of them because I'm still recovering from a myriad of injuries. In mid-July, I was in a car accident with Gerome, and then a week after that while still trying to recover, I fell down the stairs. My head was banged up, my back was banged up, my tailbone was banged up, my lungs were banged up, and my ribcage was banged up. I just went back to work this past week and also went on a short early birthday trip for Gerome, but before that, I rarely left my bed. On the bright side, there were a few days where I felt okay this summer, so I did end up doing some fun things and acquiring some favorites. I felt like I should try to compile a little favorites post for y'all because I have been out of commission for so long. This is a short one, but I'll be back soon with more! I hope you enjoy this post - please give it a like at the end if you do!

I shot some outfit photos with Gerome on one of the days I felt well enough to walk around (this was pre-fall, post-accident). It was also a day of Open Newbury Street, so it was fun walking around Newbury Street without the fear of getting by a(nother) car. It was a bright and sunny day - something that I feel like I've been lacking in this summer because it's either been rainy or I've been stuck in bed. I've only been to the beach once this summer - I really need more sun! This outfit has features some of my favorites from last month - my Zara floral shorts, my BP. loafer mules, and Kat Von D Plath - so I'm gonna go more in depth about them below.

Zara Ruffled Floral Print Bermuda Shorts

I don't know what exactly drew me to these shorts, but I had to have them. I saw them in the Zara sale and I bought them for about $12! They're made of a very thin and soft fabric that feels cool against your skin, so they're perfect to wear in the summer when you don't want too much clothing on you. The floral print is so tropical and fun, and it definitely brightened my summer which has mostly been spent in the city. I got them in a size XS and wear it at my natural waist and they end just under my butt. I felt a little self-conscious since I don't like wearing things that are too revealing, but I made myself feel better by telling myself that other people show much more of their ass cheeks than I was doing. I recommend pairing these shorts with a top that you can tuck in for a really cute silhouette that cinches in your waist and then flares out at the ruffle bottom, which is a really cute detail. Unfortunately these are sold out, but if you search for it on eBay, I think there are some people selling these exact shorts and some other Zara floral shorts.

BP. Milo Loafer Mule

I bought these in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I've worn them a lot since I've gotten them. They're super comfortable and easy to wear - perfect for my condition right now since bending down to tie or adjust shoes hurts. You can just slip these on and be out the door painlessly. They're super affordable for genuine leather loafers - they were about $53 and now they're $80. If you're into the Gucci loafer trend, these are a good way to break into it without spending hundreds of dollars. I found them pretty comfortable to walk in, which is saying a lot since just walking on its own is difficult for me right now. When I was trying them on and showing them to Gerome, he said that the small heel felt pretty hard and seemed like it would be uncomfortable on my feet after walking, but that actually hasn't been the case. My feet hurt pretty easily in flats but they've held up well in these. I brought these shoes on our trip to New York (post about that coming soon!) and my feet felt pretty comfortable walking around (the rest of my body, not so much). The pair I got is in the blush color, which is a soft touch leather, and then there's also a black and a silver metallic version. In store, I found that the black version didn't seem to wear very well (the floor sample looked very worn) but the blush and silver samples looked fine.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Plath

I LOVE this lip color. While the color drew me in, what made me purchase it was the amazing name. I really love the Kat Von D everlasting lipstick formula, and the color is really similar to another lipstick favorite of mine - Colourpop Love Bug, which I mentioned in my top 10 favorite lipsticks post. The formula on the Colourpop lipstick is not as good as this one - that one is quite drying and prone to flaking off. Plath is very smooth and long-wearing - it's comfortable to apply and wear and it will last a long time without feeling too restricting and drying on your lips. I like the burnt orange red color since it feels like a wearable kind of red to me. I'll wear this to work or any other kind of occasion - when I wear blue-toned reds, I feel like those don't work as well with my skin tone and I feel like I have to reserve those for special occasions. The warm undertone of this lipstick makes it blend better with my skintone and I feel comfortable wearing it while still feeling like I'm wearing a really great lipstick. If you have a similar warm/medium skintone like mine, I highly recommend this shade! It's also perfect for the summer to fall transition since the color works really well with deliciously autumnal pumpkin spice fashion and decor.

Oak Leaf Essential Oils Aromatherapy Diffuser

I'm really into my new diffuser. Gerome and I got it during Amazon's Prime Day and it was such a good idea. Gerome always gravitates to diffusers when we come across them in stores (especially Muji) and I love having nice smelling candles in my room, so it was an easy thing to love. The one we got was pretty affordable and I knew it would be a nice relaxing presence in my room so it was definitely worth it. I got a dark woody looking diffuser to match my furniture, but you can also get more modern-looking ones in different shapes and sizes. What I like about it is that you can choose different scents to help with what kind of environment you're trying to create. One of the scents we got is lavender, which is very relaxing and soothing. I struggle with sleep and stress so it is definitely a good scent for me to have. I've recently been diffusing eucalyptus and orange - eucalyptus can help when you're ill and orange can help you feel awake and happy. This isn't going to make any miracles happen with your health, but it's still such a soothing presence to have in your home. I sometimes zone out and just watch the mist and I can also change the light colors on mine to whatever color combination suits my mood. If you're looking to add a wellness gadget to your home, you need to get yourself a diffuser. You'll be feeling so relaxed in no time!


Since I've been stuck in bed for a while, I've watched A LOT of YouTube. One of my favorite new channels to watch is EmmyMadeInJapan, where a woman named Emmy tastes and tries to make all sorts of food. I first started watching her Military MRE taste tests and then started watching all of her videos. She's such a pleasant person to watch and listen to - she's very descriptive of the food she eats and makes but not in a snobby way like some 'food critics' will describe food with words that don't mean anything to normal people. She always has something educational to say about food whether it's fast food or a recipe from a vintage cookbook. She tries out lots of funny and interesting recipes and will also explore other cultures' foods a lot (note: she's Chinese but her name is Made In Japan because she started her channel while living in Japan for a bit). She always respectfully describes the things she eats - even if she hates the taste of something she still gives you a full rundown of what the taste experience is like. My favorite series is her You Made What? series. If you like watching food videos, I highly recommend checking out Emmy's channel!

Thank you for checking out this post! I have a quite a few different post ideas lined up for you guys, so when I feel better, I'll definitely be posting more. I'm most excited about sharing my New York trip with you guys (it was Gerome's early birthday weekend getaway!), so make sure you're following me on Instagram so you can see all my latergrams from that trip. The blog post about it is in the works but I'm also really busy catching up on a few weeks of missed work! If you're interested in following along with my life, please check my social media out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Bloglovin'! I hope you guys have been having a good summer! Please share your favorites and what you've been up to this summer in the comments - I'm so curious! Thank you for reading - please come back soon!

xoxo Yna