white supremacy in america

Normally, I wouldn't write such a negative blog post, but shit is hitting the fan right now and I just want to vent. While I don't encourage wallowing in negative thoughts, journalling is also very cathartic and can be good for your mental health. This isn't a post you'll enjoy, but I hope you'll be able to relate to my feelings and also be able to form your own thoughts on the matter.

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It is so hard for me to wrap my head around this whole neo-Nazi thing that's ravaging the country. As a brown immigrant in America, I've always known that a vast majority of white people can't help but be a little racist - I've always been on the receiving end of comments and actions that prompt reactions from me that range from "LOL did you really just say that" to "WTF is wrong with you, you racist asshole?!" However, it's still beyond my range of understanding that the kind of hate that leads to being a member of the KKK or the Nazis still lives on today. Like, what kind of fucking inbreeding is going on that these people look at persons of different skintones and faiths, but of 99.9% of the same genetics, and see things that are inhuman? It doesn't make sense to me. Is it lack of education? Is it the environment they grew up in? Do they just really think they are better than everyone else? The white supremacists in Charlottesville kept chanting "You will not replace us" and "Jews will not replace us." Why do they think they're being replaced? They've grown up with all the privilege in the world and somehow think their lives are being ruined? How could such a poisonous mindset have formed and turned into violence?

I'm a bitter and jaded person and dislike and even hate A LOT of people, but I don't think those people I hate are any less human than I am. I don't think they are less deserving of the rights that I deserve. I don't think they should have less than the opportunities that I am owed as a human being to live a happy and healthy life. But these crazy fucks really think that being white makes them special? That being white somehow erases all the genetic similarities humans share? That being white gives them the right to ruin the lives of people who are not white? I haven't really been able to comment on this issue (it's okay though, because I'm not the President like Mr. Dumbfuck J Trump, so no one expects me to deliver a timely and appropriate response to this) because it's been so hard to wrap my head around it all. Seeing the images of delusional white men (and women - it breaks my heart) with rage in their eyes, marching with lit torches and swastikas adorning them is taking me back to AP European History, when I learned about WWII. We KILLED Nazis back then. How are we just letting them take over the country in 2017?

I don't have a clear enough mind or the experience necessary to solve this problem, but I'm pissed off about it. I'm pissed off that the current administration has dragged the scum of the earth out of their hiding places and white hoods and made them feel like being racist and hateful is cool again. I'm pissed off that people are actually defending these horrible people and saying they deserve freedom of speech. Freedom of speech isn't intimidating Jews and murdering black people. All the lowkey racists who won't march around with a torch from the 1800s but will say that the Nazis and the KKK are protected by the First Amendment too can go fuck themselves. America isn't about protecting terrorists - and that is what these people are, they are domestic TERRORISTS. America wants guns? Fine. Use those guns against the terrorists. And you know what American's biggest terror problem is right now? White terrorism. Christian extremists. Nazis. The KKK. White supremacists in America are domestic terrorists and they need to be eliminated. People of color and people of other faiths in America don't need to be coddled or protected, but we sure as hell don't need to live side by side with people who want to kill us in our sleep.

Donald Trump is the daddy of all the Nazis and Klansmen, so he isn't going to do anything about them. I really hope stronger, better leadership rises up and takes America back from these white supremacists. I'm sickened and scared and still can't believe that 2017 is playing out like it's 1917 or 1817. These evil people need to be stopped. At this point, I would normally point you toward donating to somewhere like the ACLU, but their defense of these hate groups and their "right" to exist is bothering me right now. Someone needs to draw a line. When you're part of a group that actively promotes hate, you should not be protected by the same army of lawyers that protects the people you're hating. The government isn't doing enough either and that bothers me. Like, of course Donald Trump was going to treat this situation poorly. But Congress could take a harder stance on these hate crimes being committed by the KKK and the Nazis. Law enforcement could have prevented so much of the violence. Of course the police were much gentler to an army of white people with torches than they have been with black kids walking out of convenience stores, BUT STILL. Police have a duty to protect people and it's scary when they just let violence happen.

I feel confused and hurt and I don't really know what to do to help. Living in Boston, there's a slim chance that violence to the degree that it occurred in Charlottesville would occur here, but I still know that racist and xenophobic assholes walk among us liberal-minded city folk. I want to do something and I also know we can't ~love~ this problem away. Feel good posts about loving one another isn't going to do a damn thing, as much as I want to surround myself with fluffy content about peace and love. I do know that helping those who could be most hurt by the Nazis and the KKK is a step in the right direction, so please click HERE to see a helpful article of things you can do in the wake of the white supremacy and violence that erupted in Virginia. Lots of groups that support vulnerable parties need help and you can easily donate your time or money to assist them (or just shout them out on social media and tell your friends about them and they may be able to help too). If you know or see a racist or hateful person, call them out or report them to the appropriate authorities if you're not sure how to handle the situation. If you feel like you need to know more about this uprising of white supremacists, check out this Vice News video and read through this New York Times overview of what happened in Charlottesville and its aftermath.

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xoxo Yna