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Hi everyone! As you know from my last post, Gerome and I went to New York for a few days this summer. While we were there, I got to visit the Glossier showroom and check out their products in real life. I've only ever ordered from them online before, so it was really cool to play around with all their products before buying them. I ended up getting the Phase 1 Set so in this post I'll talk about the products that come in the set and how I've liked using them so far. If you love Glossier or you've never heard of them before and want to know more, please keep reading!

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The Glossier showroom is located at 123 Lafayette St in Manhattan. When we arrived, Gerome and I were surprised to see there was actually a line going out the building. We found out later that they only let in a few people at a time since the showroom isn't that big and I guess they want everyone to have a good experience and not have to elbow people out of the way while trying out products. The wait wasn't too bad (except for listening to some impatient people complaining about the wait) and we were eventually let up by a Glossier employee in a cute painters' coverall-type outfit. The showroom is in the penthouse so make sure to take the elevator all the way up. When you get up there, it's like a minimalistic beauty heaven - clean lines and pretty pastel displays featuring all the Glossier goodies.


They lay out all their products for you to try out, and there's even a sink area if you want to wash your hands. All of their products that are available online are available in store, so they even had their new Wowder powder. It was really great being able to try out the different shades they had available of the Cloud Paint, Generation G lippie, Skin Tint, and Stretch Concealer since it's a bit difficult to guess what shades work best for your skintone when browsing their products online. I'm on a bit of skincare kick right now so I ended up going for some of Glossier's cult favorite skincare products. I wanted a new facial cleanser, a new moisturizer, and something for my always-dry lips, so the the Phase 1 Set was perfect for me. The Phase 1 Set includes a Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturizer, and Balm Dotcom.


It all came in a sturdy white box and then actual products were placed inside Glossier's classic plastic pink padded zipper pouch. It was an interesting process to purchase products in the showroom. You pick out the items you'd like to buy after trying whatever you want in the store, and then you speak to one of the associates and they mark down what you want on a little pink slip. You then take that slip to the counter and the cashier fetches the items you want from their backroom. This setup makes their showroom look really clean, without the clutter of shelves of items in disarray. The showroom is definitely an experience meant for trying out and playing with all the items Glossier has to offer and I really enjoyed it. There was even a seating area for Gerome and other boyfriends to stay while their girls shopped 🤣

The Balm Dotcom is probably the product I've used the most. I got it in the rose flavor just because I had a rose macaron glace earlier that day at Ladurée and wanted more rose-flavored things in my life. It does taste really good (but you probably shouldn't straight up eat it) and there's also a light pink tint to it. The color doesn't really show up on my lips much since my lips are very pigmented, but it does add a little bit of plumping glossiness to the look of my lips. I don't take it around with me since I always lose my lip balms but really love this one, so I usually just use it a couple times in the morning and a couple times at night. It's a great thing to apply after my morning showers, after I do my daytime and nightime my skincare routines, and right before bed. It's such a thick balm that it almost feels like a mask for my lips. The way I apply it is by squeezing a tiny bit onto my finger and then spreading it on my lips. I then rub any remaining product still on my fingers around my hands. I'm also a big fan of the squeezy tube packaging. I'll definitely repurchase this balm!

The Priming Moisturizer is an interesting product. It's supposed to be a primer and a moisturizer, but you can also wear it on your no-makeup days to just 'prime' your face for the day. I think it's a nice and rich (but not too cloying) moisturizer and I think my skin has felt really nice after using it. I have oily-combination skin at the moment and I don't think my skin is overwhelmed by this moisturizer and I haven't had any breakouts related to it. As for its priming properties, I'm not sure it's the best primer for me right now. I feel like I need much stronger primers in the summer because of all the sweat and humidity threatening to disturb my makeup. When I wore makeup with just the Priming Moisturizer alone, it moved around a bit, but if I layered an actual primer on top, my makeup definitely stayed in place a bit more. I think if I used Glossier's Skin Tint and Stretch Concealer, it might have done the trick, but I use much heavier products than Glossier's skincare-like makeup so I can see why it doesn't add to the longevity of my makeup. I will say that with or without makeup, the Priming Moisturizer does make my skin smoother and a bit more glowy.

I haven't used the Milky Jelly Cleanser as much as the other two products since I'm still going through other cleansers, but I have tried it out a couple times. It's a very smooth consistency and I like how it feels when it lathers up on my face. It does help get most of my makeup off, but it struggles a little against waterproof mascara (but most cleansers do). I love how soft my skin feels after using this and I'm excited to use it even more once I've used up my current cleansers. I haven't had any skin issues after using it either, so it definitely seems like a good match for my sensitive combination skin. Overall, I really like the Phase 1 Set. They're three skincare essentials you use every singe day (which is one of the ways they market it) and they have worked really well, even with my sometimes fussy skin type. You also get all three for $40 (I paid $45 but they seem to have lowered the price since my trip) which means you save a lot of money (individually the products would cost $52 all together). If you're a beginner in the Glossier world or just want to stock up on more skincare products to try out like me, I would highly recommend this set!


That's it for my Glossier showroom + Phase 1 Set review! Are you a Glossier fangirl already or will this be your first time buying from them? If you are diving into the brand for the first time ever, you can go to to save 10% on your first order! If you want me to review other Glossier products or any other kind of product, please leave a comment below with your suggestions! Please follow me on social media if you want to keep up with my life - I'm on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest! If you want to stay updated on when I post next, make sure to follow me on Bloglovin'. Thanks for stopping by my blog, please come back soon!

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