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Hey everyone! About three weeks ago, I tried out eyelash extensions at a new salon in Boston called Winq Lash Bar, so of course I had to blog about the experience. If you're considering getting eyelash extensions at Winq Lash Bar or you're just curious about what getting and wearing eyelash extensions feels like, keep reading!

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Like many Asian girls, I have very sparse, short, and stick straight eyelashes. I usually deal with them by curling them to the high heavens and piling on mascara and on days when I'm feeling more extra, I wear false eyelash strips. While I love collecting and trying out mascara, my eyelashes still leave a lot to be desired in terms of length and volume no matter how good my mascara is. False eyelashes help that quite a bit, but I'm still very much a beginner in applying falsies and haven't been able to work them into my regular routine since it takes me so long to do it. Luckily, a new lash bar called Winq Lash Bar in Boston reached out to me and some other bloggers about their opening and let us try out their service. I'd never heard of an eyelash-specific salon in Boston before!

from @winqlashbar on Instagram

from @winqlashbar on Instagram

When I went to their boutique, it wasn't fully opened yet but it was definitely a promising-looking place. Lots of pink and tropical themed decor - it's a very fun looking salon if you check them out on Instagram or just visit the shop. It's on 1094 Commonwealth Ave in Boston, so it's very accessible to people who work in the city or are students in the area. The lash stylist who did my lashes was Laura - she said that she has been in the beauty industry for over 10 years so I trusted her with my lashes (thanks again for the gorg lashes Laura!). The process took a long time. I told Gerome I'd be at the salon for about an hour or so but it ended up being over two hours, so if you're planning on getting a lash appointment, make sure you have a big block of time to do it. Before your appointment you fill out a form with any necessary medical details so if you're at risk for any sort of dermatological issues or you're pregnant, I'd ask your doctor about this first. They used Jo Mousselli Xtreme Lashes on me at the salon, so I would look that system up if you're curious about the process.

from @winqlashbar on Instagram

from @winqlashbar on Instagram

First, they clean around your eyes - make sure not to wear eye makeup so it's easier. They then put a gel patch under your eye and keep your bottom lashes separated from your top lashes. They offer a couple different lash tiers based on how extra you want your lashes to look, and in talking to Laura, we chose for mine to be a full but classic look since I didn't want to look too intense (we basically avoided the "I'm about to go clubbing on a Wednesday morning" look). When they begin applying the lashes and adhesive to your eyes, you don’t even realize it. Some times it felt like my lashes were being pulled on by the tweezers that were pushing my lashes around to make room for the extensions, but it wasn't horrible. My eyes watered a lot just because they aren't used to pressure around them, but the esthetician had a mini fan to help dry the adhesive (I think) as well as my watery eyes. The only problems that occurred were adhesive getting stuck to my bottom lashes (which are just annoying and stick out), and those hurt a bit to get pulled out, but otherwise it was a mostly pleasant experience. It was very minor pain to get the super glamorous lashes in these almost no-makeup (just brows and lips) photos:

They advertise with a cheeky little "wink. nap. slay." slogan so if you want to take a nap during the two hour experience, you totally could. Laura was quite friendly and chatty so you will probably have a lash stylist who is down to talk to you if you're not the type to nap during beauty treatments. When I was all done, the experience was totally worth it. My lashes ended up looking amazing, as you can probably see from the videos/photos. My tiny stick straight lashes were masked by long and curved and voluminous lashes that still looked natural. They didn't feel heavy or annoying and I didn't have any sort of reaction to the materials used around my eyes (but you should still ask your esthetician and patch test if you have especially sensitive skin). I had a party to go to right after the session and I felt super pretty and unbothered the entire time - blinking my eyes never felt so fun! Sorry for the up close and personal look at my pores and wrinkles but here are the before and after photos of my lashes:

For after care, I was given some spoolies to brush out my lashes every day and night. This was pretty easy and soothing to do on a regular basis. I also had some special lint-free cotton swabs to clean the lashes as well. I was advised not to get water or steam on my face for three hours following the treatment and to stay away from any oil based face products while I had my lashes in. This was easy enough - I have a lot of skincare products to try out so I didn't have to buy anything new to clean around my eyes. To keep up the appearance of my eyelashes, I just washed my face carefully and didn't use any tugging and pulling motions when taking off eye makeup, which I actually rarely wore when I had the extensions in. They were just too pretty and full that I didn't even need to wear that much makeup. I just did my eyebrows and popped on some highlight and I already looked amazing. Here is another angle of my eyelashes (sorry for the up close and weird angle of my face lol, you can see how extreme my eye bags are in these photos) - it's so much more visible at this angle what the difference in volume is. You can see that my eyes did get red and watery in the after shot, but it didn't last that long after the treatment.

Unfortunately, I had the most stressful week of my summer after getting the eyelashes put in, and they all came out about less than two weeks after getting them in. I'm not really an eye-rubber, but I was so stressed out because of different things in my life that I ended up rubbing my eyes way too much - way more than usual and enough to start having the eyelashes fall out. If this hadn't happened, I'm sure I'd still have the eyelashes in today, but what's done is done. I loved the lashes and loved how low-maintenance my makeup looks could be, but the timing just wasn't right. I also realized after the eyelashes started falling out from my incessant stress-crying and eye-rubbing that I also missed putting on waterproof makeup. I loved the low-maintenance two weeks, but since you can't use aggressive products or movements when taking off eye makeup, I couldn't wear my precious waterproof eyeliners or mascaras (in fact, you shouldn't be wearing mascara at all unless it's specifically formulated for wear on top of extensions). Here are selfies of me before and after I had my Winq Lash Bar eyelash extensions applied:

Now that I'm in a less-stressed out week of work and life, I wish I still had the eyelash extensions in. I missed the full fluttery feeling they had and being able to look presentable after rolling out of bed. I think Gerome even misses them a little because it started me on a no-makeup kick and he much prefers when I don't wear makeup πŸ™„ However, will I be getting them again anytime soon? Not sure. I loved the experience and really enjoyed being able to try out the service, but it is a pricy commitment. I don't know if I'll have 3+ weeks that I won't want to wear waterproof eyeliner, nor can I think of a 2+ hour period I'll be able to spend in a salon anytime soon. If you're a low-maintenance kind of girl, I would definitely recommend it to you. I hate to see my mascaras and eyeliners go to waste but if you would just like to wake up with pretty lashes and walk out the door, this is definitely a treatment for you! You can see they have a couple different lash and pricing options and they also offer lash extension removal, lifts, and tints. They also have a student discount for September if you want to try extensions soon!

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That's it for my Winq Lash Bar eyelash extension experience! Will you be trying them out for yourself? Let me know if you have any questions about the salon or my lashes in the comments! If you want to see what other beauty adventures I get up to, follow me on social! I'm on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and you can also follow my blog on Bloglovin'. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, please come back soon!

xoxo Yna