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Hello! You wouldn’t know it by the fact that my Christmas tree is still up, but we’re well into the new year! I kind of dropped the ball on this blog in 2018, but please send thoughts and prayers for the success and growth of thisisyna.com in 2019. Besides the inconsistent blogging, 2018 had some rough patches and really sad moments (and the world fell apart a little bit more) — but I’d like to think that 2018 was still a really wonderful year. I travelled to new cities, I got a new job that I really like, I became an aunt, I saw Hamilton and a bunch of other amazing shows, and I moved in with Gerome!

may 2019 bring me the kind of growth these sunflowers have goin’ on. photo by gerome.

may 2019 bring me the kind of growth these sunflowers have goin’ on. photo by gerome.

In 2019 there a couple of things I want to accomplish (besides my professional goals). I hesitate to call them resolutions because those seem really concrete and I want these goals to be fluid and things I can choose to work on depending on where the year takes me. Some of them are serious and others are way more superficial, but I hope you can join me in growing and loving yourself in 2019 🥰

  1. Create more and better content for thisisyna.com

    Self-explanatory lol.

  2. Drink more water

    I’m currently keeping track of the water/coffee/soda/alcohol I’m drinking every day in my new planner. Staying hydrated is REALLY important to staying healthy and yet I still find it difficult to drink the amount of water I’m supposed to be drinking every day. I met with a personal trainer once who measured the water in my body before our workout and she was shocked at how aggressively dehydrated I was — I’m really hoping to avoid any situations like that this year 💦

  3. Work on my financial health

    Like many other young adults, I have a bunch of student loans to continue paying off. I also have a crappy credit score as a result of those loans, so I have a lot of credit rebuilding to go. On top of all that, I want to add a ton more to my savings, and possibly invest any extra money I scrounge together. I’d like to add more to my education, buy a house, and support my family at some point, so figuring out my finances is super important to me.

  4. Travel more

    I don’t think I’ve actually left the country since 2013, so I definitely think it’s time for another international trip. I’m hoping for a trip to Europe, or even just a trip back to the homeland 🇵🇭

  5. Buy my mom something nicE

    My mom and I have had a very difficult relationship at times, but I respect her immensely and know how much she has sacrificed to raise myself and my siblings. Currently, she’s a mostly stay-at-home mom who works retail part time and also has an Etsy shop. Before she moved to the US, she worked for the Philippines government’s Department of Science & Technology — basically, she had a really cool career and life before getting stuck in the immigrant wife/mom trap. I’m hoping to save up enough to treat my mom to something nice this year as a token of my endless appreciation for her.

  6. Buy Myself somethiNg Nice

    This one is highly dependent on how much money goes to goals 3, 4, and 5, but I turn 25 this year so I’m considering getting myself my first big girl bag to mark the occasion. I’ve thought about a couple designer bags like the Givenchy Antigona and the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis but I’ve also looked into contemporary brand bags like the Mansur Gavriel Sun Bag and the Strathberry East/West. I’m sure you’ll find out sometime after April what (if anything) I decide to treat myself to 💸

  7. be multi-lingual again

    At this point in my life, both my Filipino and my French are very rough (and my French was never really there to begin with). I’d like to work on both of these languages this year, and maybe some Spanish and Chinese.

  8. Actually Use My 2019 Planner

    I fall into a trap every year where I buy a planner at the beginning of the year because stationary is so exciting but then I stop using it by February. This year I’ve started using a TUL discbound notebook and I’ve so far enjoyed using it for work and blog planning — hopefully this continues! 🗓

If I think of any other things I want to work on (and tell you guys about) I’ll add to this list soon. What are your goals for 2019? Let me know in the comments! If you want to follow along and call me out on social media about my goals this year, I’m @thisisyna on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest and @disisyna on Twitter (yes it’s 2019 and I still haven’t gotten my handle back from the one other Yna in the world). Happy new year! 🥳 Come back soon for my next post (or yell at me in the comments if there isn’t a next post yet) 😜

xoxo Yna

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