2019 goals update

Hey friends, hope you’re staying cool in this early August heat (the climate change crisis we’re in is no joke)! Back in January, I wrote a post called hello 2019 which outlined some of my goals for the year. In the spirit of keeping myself accountable, here is an update on those goals since we’re now a month past the middle point of the year. I don’t think I’m necessarily doing great, but progress is progress and being self-aware can sometimes be half the battle.


    I struggle with this one year after year. Between focusing on my career, managing my physical and mental health, and trying to have fun every now and then, I still find it hard to prioritize my blog. I really do enjoy blogging and writing and being creative, but for some reason most of my blogging happens sporadically and most of the time, late at night. This will be my 7th post this year, which nets out to be about one post a month — for the rest of the year I’d really like to try to double that amount. Something new that I did add to my blog this year is my portfolio — I’m hoping to showcase more of the social media and digital marketing work that I do and maybe take on some small freelance/consulting projects (to help goal #3). The page is under construction and I’m still trying to figure out where exactly I want to take this, but I’m excited to expand my realm of work.


    I don’t think I’ve quite perfected this, but I definitely have been drinking more water. (It almost helps that it’s been so hot because feeling dehydrated all the time makes me crave water constantly.) I think I’m probably at 4-6 glasses a day on a good day. My health has been a big concern this year after turning 25 and just feeling so freaking old all of a sudden, and drinking more water does make me feel slightly better generally. I’ve also cut out coffee for about 3 months now, so that’s definitely helping my health and hydration levels. I’m not sure how long the coffee ban will last, but I’m definitely going to keep up the water habit.


    This one has been tough. I’ve been saving consistently, paying off my debt aggressively and consistently, and being frugal where I can, but I don’t really feel like I’m making progress. I know I’m technically doing as well as I can, but dealing with and thinking about financial stuff can be draining.


    I haven’t gone to anywhere new this year yet, but Gerome and I have gone on a few nice trips with friends, family, and each other to some well-loved places around New England and beyond. Going back to Chicago and meeting my new goddaughter was my favorite trip and going back to Philadelphia for a work conference for the first time was pretty cool. Maybe 2020 will take me to more faraway places?


    I brought my mom to Chicago to see her sister for the first time in many many years, which was lovely. It was the first time my aunt’s family met my sister Dani too, so it was cool to see family come together like that.


    Well, I’ve certainly shopped a lot. Nothing too big or splurgy—I did take the plunge and get my dream Stuart Weitzman boots but the sizing didn’t work out—so maybe I’ll treat myself around Christmas :)


    There are periods of time when I’m on duolingo a lot, but I’m currently not in one of those phases. I really need to commit to this better, because I’m honestly sad that I’m losing my multilingual touch :(


    I’ve actually been pretty good with using my planner! I definitely want this new Thoughts of Dog planner because it’s funny and adorable and I love dogs, but I’ll try my best to my current discbound notebook planner. I enjoy popping pages in and out and keeping in the stuff I want and moving things around, so it’s been a good system for me.

It’s so weird being a young adult—you always need to make sure you have goals that you’re making progress on, whether they’re big or small, or else your 20s go by and suddenly you’re in your 30s and still the same person as you were at 22. When you’re growing up and you’re in school, you always have the next grade to look forward to and it was all small baby steps that were more or less planned out by parents/the education system. Now, peers are making decisions about buying homes, changing careers, throwing fancy weddings, traveling crazy places—it can sometimes be hard to stay focused on goals that are realistic, achievable, and beneficial for yourself. I’m hoping that as my mid to late 20s go on, I start accomplishing more goals and bigger goals, but for now, I’ll keep working on my little goals. How are you doing with your goals this year? Do you feel like you’re where you need to be at this time of the year? Are there areas where you’re struggling or excelling? Let’s chat in the comments! As always, if you’d like to hang out with me on social media, I’m @thisisyna on Instagram and Facebook, and @disisyna on Twitter. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post and have a great weekend!

xoxo Yna

P.S. If you happen to be or know a small business owner or non-profit that needs a digital marketing or website consultant, hit me up! I’m hoping to start taking on some small projects to add to my portfolio (and would be happy to do some work for free if it seems appropriate or if it’s for the right cause)!

P.P.S. I’ve almost always signed off my posts with xoxo Yna because I used to LOVE Gossip Girl so I am THRILLED that it’s coming back! Autumn will certainly be bringing some Gossip Girl-esque outfit posts with a lot of plaid and pearls 😂