My Boyfriend Buys Me Clothes Challenge


Hey guys, can you believe it’s March already? I wanted to do a different kind of post this week and was inspired by YouTube videos where girls challenge their boyfriends to buy them outfits and then in turn, they buy their boyfriends outfits. I asked Gerome if he wanted to play along since we’re usually great shopping buddies, and with a little hesitation, he agreed. He’s a pretty stylish guy himself - I’m never concerned with what he’s wearing since he dresses very well - but he was definitely nervous about picking things for me without my help. So we went shopping and I followed him around as he picked outfits for me. Keep reading to see the clothes Gerome picked for me and what I ended up keeping!


Here’s Gerome browsing through clothes at Primark! I asked him to pick clothes based on a combination of what he wanted me to dress in and what he thought I would also like to wear. I wasn’t allowed to give much commentary on what he was picking out but I did let him know if I already owned something very similar to something he grabbed. I may have also gotten distracted from the challenge myself and lingered at a few pieces I wanted to try on - which he tried to not pay attention to since he was very committed to doing the challenge without any kind of cheating. Once he picked out all the clothes, he sorted them into outfits and I then went off to try them. Afterward, I gave all of them a rating out of 10. Apologies in advance for the blurry selfies - the fitting room mirrors were dirty :(


Outfit #1 - 7/10

Olive Green Top & Suede Zip Up Skirt

I liked this outfit a lot because of the color of the top, which is basically a neutral for me. I also have been wanting a suede skirt in this color for forever so I was excited that Gerome picked it up. However, I thought the shirt was way too oversized on me and I also thought I had a top in the same color and material already. The skirt’s zipper goes all the way down so it made me a tad nervous.


Outfit #2 - 8/10

Heather Grey Waterfall Cardigan & Suede Lace Up Skirt

I’m a big fan of grey cardigans - I have one from Splendid that I always gravitate to when I just want to throw something on over a top so I was glad that Gerome picked out another option for me. Gerome was hesitant at picking up the suede lace up skirt since he knows I already have so many lace up things but I guess it’s just a testament to how well he knows me that he also threw it into the mix.


Outfit #3 - 6/10

Silky Red Dress

Gerome said he wanted to see me in something “different” as a rationale for picking out this dress. It’s true - I rarely go to any events warranting a dress - let alone a dress in such a loud color. We’ve gone over my wardrobe’s lack of color before - I have about four bright red things in my possession and one of them is a Topman sweater of Gerome’s. He liked how I looked in the dress and while I thought it was pretty, it seemed to be clinging too much to my body.


Outfit #4 - 8/10

Striped Midi Dress

I already own a navy and white striped dress but I was a big fan of the shape of this dress that Gerome picked. I used to dress much dressier for work before I started working at a startup, and now there are days where I’m just straight up bumming when I go into the office. However, I could see this as a transition dress for going from work to play in the spring and summer. I thought that the vertical stripes on the sides of the dress really helped accentuate my figure.


Outfit #5 - 5/10

Blue V-Neck Sweater

This sweater didn’t do much for me since it’s just a basic v-neck, but I think Gerome picked it out to add more color into my life. If it weren’t so close to spring already I would have liked it more, but I’m not sure I need to get thick sweaters anymore. I’ve also tried on v-neck sweaters at Primark in the past and I’ve always found that the quality is concerning since the v-neck part on all of them looks like it’s fraying. I did really like the serenity blue color of the sweater.


Outfit #6 - 8/10

Striped Oxford Shirt

Gerome is a big fan of the business-casual look but knows that I dress more casually in my life so this is a happy balance between his sartorial world and mine. I love the oversized shirt look and the size he grabbed for me in this shirt (4) was the perfect fit for me. I think he was looking for my normal Primark size (2) but they were out of stock as usual (Primark, get it together with your sizing - why are there never any 2′s but a million 12′s?). I think it’s perfectly classic and casual - it gives you a put together look but not like you’re trying too hard.


Outfit #7 - 6/10

Striped Oxford Shirt & Blue Buggy Lined Blazer

For an even more businessy look, Gerome added a navy blue blazer over the oxford shirt. I have one grey, one black, and one grey and black blazer so he was of course trying to add a bit more color into my monochrome life. However, the blazer didn’t fit very well and looked awkwardly oversized, and when worn atop an oversized shirt, it just looked kind of messy. I think the two pieces are very nice but it would require some serious tailoring to actually look right on me.


Gerome’s Total Score = 48/70 ♥

In the challenge, Gerome scored 48 points out of 70! Yay, 69%! That means he passed, right? Good job, babe! He’s a true winner just for being a boyfriend willing to come with me on crazy blogging challenge adventures. We love shopping together but this was definitely more of a stressful situation for him. I did end up actually getting things he picked out for me! I ended up getting the zip up suede skirt, because I wanted one for so long, and the gray waterfall cardigan, since gray cardigans are a staple for me. I guess this means I totally failed the challenge since I didn’t really come out of my comfort zone and add any real color to my wardrobe, but I’m taking baby steps! I wanted the blue dress and the striped oxford as well but I already have a striped blue dress and I ended up picking up a J.Crew striped oxford not long after this shopping trip. 

Hopefully I can do a challenge where I shop for Gerome too sometime soon, but he is camera shy likes to stay shrouded in mystery. I’m just very thankful that he’s an extremely sweet and supportive boyfriend and does things for my blog with me. If you want me to do any other challenges or have any post ideas - comment down below! Thanks for reading this post - please come back soon ♥

xoxo Yna

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