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valentine's day gift guide 2018

Excuse this super late 'first post of 2018,' but I've had a pretty lackluster start to 2018. While I had a lovely holiday season with my family, 2018 has been pretty meh so far. I think the high point so far this year was my 4th anniversary with Gerome (love you babe) but other than that, work has been super stressful, my sister currently has the flu, and adulting has just been feeling overwhelming all around. Of course, one thing that always cheers me up is online shopping (or just browsing lol)! Gerome and I aren't doing gifts for this Valentine's Day but through all my online browsing, I've come up with a couple of ideas for gifts you can give your special someone this Valentine's Day - whether they're your significant other or just someone you want to make feel loved. As with all my gift guides, you can also use this as a way to #treatyoself - you deserve it girl, especially if you've had a blah start to the year like I have. Happy Valentine's shopping! 💘

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holiday gift guide 2017 | black friday edition

If you haven't already started shopping for holiday gifts (or shopping for yourself, I won't judge), now's the week to do it. There are so many sales happening right now for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so I thought I'd let you know about all the best sales as well as some of my favorite items from those sales. I'll let you know if you need a code or if the sales I mention are sitewide sales as well as when the sales end, so this is definitely the post to bookmark if you're going to cozy up in bed after Thanksgiving to start doing some intense online shopping. I hope you find this post helpful for all your holiday shopping!

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holiday gift guide 2017 | beauty edition

HEY GUYS! It's already well into November, which means it's basically Christmas! I LOVE Christmas with a fiery and slightly scary passion - I started listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween and my Christmas lights will be going up any day now. One of my favorite things to do every year to prep for Christmas is to put together a series of gift guides leading up to Christmas. I love the thrill of shopping around for the best gifts that will make my loved ones and yours smile, and sometimes I end up picking out a few things to gift to myself (oops). If you're ready to start shopping for presents, keep on reading and come back every week until Christmas for more gift guides with different themes. This week on the This Is Yna holiday gift guides, we're talking beauty! It's perfect timing since we're in the middle of the Sephora fall sale so if you want to snag these items at a discount, now's the time! I personally either have and love or badly want all of the items in this gift guide, so trust that they're going to make the beauty-lovers in your life very happy.

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