e.l.f. beauty squad haul + review


When you’re sick in bed for days even getting up to grab your mail is hard, but seeing a package from e.l.f. cosmetics makes it so worth it. They hooked me up with some makeup goodies to show you guys as a part of their #elfbeautysquad and now that I’m slightly more functioning, I have a haul + review for you! Keep reading to see what I got and what I think about their super affordable makeup!


e.l.f. Prism Eyeshadow in Sunset • $10

First things first, check out that price tag on this eyeshadow palette. Most eyeshadow palettes I want are like $50ish but this baby is only $10 like yaaass e.l.f. yaaass. That being said, they’re not the most pigmented of eyeshadows. The colors are all very pretty, shimmery, and go well with my medium skin tone, but you really need to build it up and blend very well to show off the shades.


e.l.f. Illuminating Palette • $6

I don’t usually wear face makeup but I do want to start experimenting now that my skin is kind of being wrecked by the cold weather. This is a good starter palette if you’re getting started with using highlighters since they’re all light and subtle shades. I sweep the top two lighter shades just above my cheekbones and the bottom two right on my cheekbones to add some luminosity to my face.


e.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick in Marsala Blush • $3

Since I have darker lips this lipstick didn’t work as well by itself as I’d hoped but on top of a nude lip liner it was really pretty and true to color. And it’s not lying when it says it’s moisturizing - I didn’t think it was drying at all, which can be a problem for a lot of affordable lip items. This looks like it has a bit of shimmer but it can be easily blotted out to have more of a matte finish on your lips.


e.l.f. Precision Liquid Eyeliner • $3

This was a very easy to use eyeliner and the brush makes it really simple to draw a nice and precise cat eye. I usually don’t like this kind of applicator but it was surprisingly easy to use this. Its formula is nice except not as fast drying as I like with my liners (I usually use Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner) so if I blinked, the line got smudged since my eyelids are slightly hooded.


e.l.f. Kiss It Goodbye Lip Color Remover • $3

I didn’t know there was makeup remover specifically for lips and especially not something this affordable. It was probably my favorite item of the haul because I currently only have eye makeup remover so this was really useful right away. It worked perfectly in removing my NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil without leaving much greasy residue on my lips. Definitely something everyone needs!


e.l.f. On the Spot Blot Mattifying Blotting Papers • $5

I don’t really use blotting papers especially this season since my face tends to be drier and not get oily, but I thought the packaging of this was really cute. The compact has a bunch of blotting papers inside plus a mirror, and then that black sponge has a sticky applicator so you can just pick up the blotting papers using the sponge and not have to touch the blotting papers or your face.

That’s it for my haul and review - thank you to e.l.f. cosmetics for sending me all these products to #playbeautifully with! What e.l.f. products do you love and why? Let me know down below in the comments! I’m also starting my Holiday Gift Guides soon (first one is coming this Friday!) so if you have any gift ideas, please comment or tweet them to me! Thanks for reading, come back soon! ♥

xoxo Yna

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