Get It or Forget It: TOPSHOP Petite Jersey Spot Bodycon Dress

Sometimes there are items in stores that you see and immediately fall in love with (and buy right away). Other items you have a flirtation with (because you’re not sure if your closet needs it) and some items you outright stalk (because you’re waiting for it to go on sale). One item I’ve had a flirtation with is this Topshop Petite Jersey Spot Bodycon Dress. It’s extremely affordable - in the US it’s on sale for $15, in the UK it’s only £3, and in the Philippines it’s currently 70% off. But it’s one of those dresses you can really only wear once or twice what with its memorable bright neon blue spots. I see it every time I go to Topshop and I always end up hovering in front of the rack and thinking about it, before just moving on. I’ve now decided to put together a few outfits featuring the dress alongside other items from Topshop to see whether I should finally get the dress or just forget about it.

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topshop, topshop dress, dress, bodycon dress, jacket, biker jacket, courts, court shoes, bracelets, clutch, petite dress

Dress, Jacket, Bracelet, Courts, Clutch

Help me out - should I get it or forget it? Do you ever need major help deciding whether to buy something or not?