Human Nature Haul


Human Nature Haul 

This past weekend I caught up with one of my ninangs, whom I haven’t seen in over five years. She’s one of my mom’s oldest friends and currently works for the United Nations Development Programme. We had some pretty in depth conversations about my education, her travels, and the relative state of the Philippines and the world in terms of corrupt politics and corrosive poverty (you know, casual conversation topics). We ate at Romulo Cafe in Makati, which has a divine interior, scrumptious Filipino food, and a wonderful backstory (it was founded by the grandchildren of Carlos P. Romulo, who was president of the UN General Assembly in 1949!). After our intellectually stimulating lunch, she brought me to RCBC Plaza to give me a mini tour of the UN offices there. I would love to someday work for the UN, so it was nice to have a behind the scenes peek at thair Philippines Country Office (although I’ll probably want to work at the headquarters in New York).

Before my ninang and I parted ways, she gave me some gifts to take back home. United Nations swag for my siblings (which I’m tempted to steal and replace with something else?), religious souvenirs from her travels for my parents, and a box of Human Nature products for me. I was pretty excited about my present, since I’d read about Human Nature before when I was thinking about having my hair curled permanently. They apparently make fantastic hair care products that are especially useful for treated hair, but since I never went through with the digital perm, I never found a reason to try out their products until now. Human Nature is a social enterprise that is pro-Philippines, pro-poor, and pro-environment. With that kind of mission statement, it’s hard not to want to support their company. They also have very low prices - the products I got were all under $4, which is amazing for their quality. And to top it all off, each of their items have an adorable little bunny cruelty free button at the bottom of each product descriptions to really drive the point home. Here are my reviews of each of the products I got:

All Natural Spray Sanitizer in Cool Burst

If you know me at all, you know I’m a total germaphobe. Public restrooms and public transportation are my worst nightmares. While I try not to be over-dramatic about it, I am addicted to using hand sanitizer. I’ve recently become quite fond of the spray kind (versus the gel kind), so it was nice to get another bottle of spray sanitizer. This one has a minty fresh scent, feels cool and cleansing when you spray it on your hands and dries quickly. It also doubles as a multi-purpose disinfectant so you can even spray away at suspect surfaces like toilet seats! This is definitely a fave, and its all natural composition is a big plus. I’m definitely gonna have to order myself the Tropical and Citrus Burst varieties when this 50mL bottle runs out.

Sunflower Beauty Oil

When I first looked at the bottle, I thought it was just for your hair. When you look at the product description, however, there are apparently twenty-three uses for the beauty oil. I tried to test them all out, but one problem I had with it was the scent. This is legit sunflower oil, so it smells like, well, oil. It’s not so bad after you get used to it, but I don’t want to walk around smelling like I took a bath in cooking oil. I’ve taken to exploring its many uses before bed so no one else will have to smell it. So far I’ve tried out : #2 dark spot corrector, #5 eyebag lightener, #6 heel/elbow softener, #7 makeup remover, #10 cuticle softener, #13 insect bite relief, and #20 skin calmer. These have all had varying degrees of success and really it’s just funny spraying this oil all over my body’s problem. My favorite use is #16, which “adds shine to dull hair.” The weather in the Philippines has really taken a toll on my hair and it’s become kind of dry and lifeless, so I’ve started spraying this oil on the ends of it to give it more life and shine and softness. A very small spritz and you can spread it through a lot of hair, giving you instant shine. It’s been working pretty well and my hair doesn’t look so damaged anymore. I can’t wait to try out more of this crazy product’s uses.

100% Natural Hand & Foot Salve in Eucalyptus

My hands and feet are so small that you’d assume they were baby soft, but sadly, they are not. I try to moisturize them as much as possible and can’t get enough of moisturizing products. This salve is really great and I like to use it after showering to really lock in the moisture. While my skin isn’t miraculously soft yet, I can tell that there is some progress on my happening on my heels. Since I was given the Eucalyptus variety, it product feels really soothing when you put it on, so even if it wasn’t actually working, I probably would still use it. Its all natural composition is certainly better for my skin than some other products I’m using, so I’m definitely gonna keep this product in my beauty routine.

100 % Natural Body Butter Cream in Mango Passion

If you don’t like strong, fruity, deliciously scented beauty products, this body butter cream is not for you. If you love body butters that make your skin feel amazingly soft and supple, this product is for you. The scent of this product is very heady so if you cannot handle strong scents, take note. But it is definitely a lovely product in terms of its effectiveness and I love using it on my legs after I shower. It can get a little greasy if you overdo it, but that’s usually how most body butters are. Don’t put too much on your skin or you will overwhelm yourself with product - a little goes a long way with this cream. It’s very moisturizing and the scent in invigorating. I’m definitely gonna try out the Berry bliss version.

100 % Natural Purifying Facial Scrub

I’m not really one to use to facial scrubs or cleansers because I’m a big believer in less is more when it comes to my face. I usually just remove my makeup and then splash water on it - which partly out of laziness, and partly out of my desire to keep my skin soft and undamaged. When I do feel the need to use a facial scrub, I’m quite faithful to Clinique’s 7 Day Rinse-Off Formula or the Clinique 3-Step Skin Care System when I’m feeling particularly inclined to clean my face. But I felt that I should at least try this facial scrub, especially since it smells nice (can you see a trend? I’m obsessed with things that smell good). When I wash my face with this scrub, it ends up feeling super clean and fresh and exfoliated. The product is made of strawberry seeds and bamboo granules, which is pretty cool. I haven’t used it enough to see much of a difference (you should only use it once or twice a week) but it has made a noticeable difference on my currently blemish-ridden nose. This facial scrub is definitely deserving of a seat next to my beloved Clinique products.

Will you be trying out Human Nature products for yourself?