Sasa Haul


Sasa Haul: Japanese Eye Makeup

One of my favorite parts of my Hong Kong trip last week (besides my TOPSHOP Personal Shopping appointment) was seeing all the Sasa stores. Sasa is like the Sephora of Hong Kong, but commands the presence of a brand like Starbucks. Literally every block I walked past had the bright pink makeup store somewhere along it, and I was lucky enough to stay at the Novotel Hotel on Nathan Road in Kowloon, which is right next to one of the stores. It’s a wonder I didn’t go inside Sasa more than twice.

Upon entering Sasa, you can be overwhelmed with how brightly lit and pink it is. It caters to a wider audience than Sephora, which can be very upmarket with the brands that it carries and its price points (but you can’t really blame the French company, seeing as its owned by luxury group LVMH). Sasa has broader appeal with premium European fragrance brands like Gucci situated a few shelves away from drugstore-priced Japanese makeup brands.

While I did drool over the Burberry Body Tender display featuring the lovely miss Cara Delevingne, I was in Sasa with a purpose. Sort of. I wanted to finally get my hands on some Japanese makeup, and no fancy British perfume was gonna get in my way (especially since I’m probably gonna get it after I’m done my bottle of Burberry Brit haha). Here in the Philippines, there is a lot of Korean makeup in stores like Beauty Bar and The Face Shop, but not as much representation for Japanese brands.

I specifically wanted Japanese eye makeup since I don’t really wear that much makeup save for on my eyes, which are woefully misshapen and need all the cosmetic help they can get. The Japanese brands I’d read the most about were FairyDrops, K-Palette, and Dolly Wink, so I decided to try out products from those brands.

FairyDrops Platinum Mascara Waterproof

I am super happy with my new FairyDrops mascara. I had actually already been using their Volume Burst Mascara Film Type but this one was even better. First of all, the packaging is super cute. Its sold in a colorful Vegas-themed plastic box and the tube itself is a gorgeous metallic pink with silver accents. The mascara wand has an interesting three-lump shape that isn’t just gimmicky - it really helps in lifting and volumizing your lashes. Its also curved, which is especially helpful for Asian eyes.

While there isn’t that much of a difference between the Volume Burst and Platinum mascaras, the Platinum one definitely helped to lengthen my ridiculously short lashes even more. My lashes are also quite flat, so it was nice to see that the FairyDrops Mascara helped to curl them even before the help of an eyelash curler. It also stays true to its waterproof designation, since the first day I wore the mascara it was pouring rain in Hong Kong and my lashes stayed perfect. I would say that FairyDrops Platinum Mascara is on par with, if not better than the Diorshow and Benefit They’re Real! mascaras that I used to swear by, and much more suited to my eye shape and eyelash type. And I still can’t get over how cute the tube looks.

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h WP Micro in Jet Black 

I was super excited to try out my new K-Palette eyeliner, since it is much raved about in many Asian beauty blogs. The variant I purchased is one of the highest selling eyeliners in Japan, and after I finally got the hang of it, I could see why. It was tricky to use at first, since they’re not kidding when they call it ‘micro.’ The tip is very fine, and at first the liquid liner that comes out is barely visible. But once you start using it, the eyeliner delivers a very clean and dark line. It’s extremely thin so it’s absolutely perfect for tightlining. You can really get in between and under your lashes using this liner, and its very easy to build up the line to make a darker and more visible accent on your lid. You just need a steady grip and you can deliver whatever thickness of line or wing you need. It really has the flexibility of both a pencil liner and a liquid liner.

Since my eyelid overlaps itself at parts, I’ve always had problems with liquid eyeliner and smearing. Even smudge-resistant liquid liners like MAC Liquid Eye Liner could never dry fast enough before I would blink and inevitably smear it. This eyeliner doesn’t give me this problem since it’s so quick to dry and doesn’t smear for literally 24 hours afterward (again, it stood the test of the pouring rain in Hong Kong). While initially it was difficult to use, this is now my go-to eyeliner for when I need precise definition to my eyes. It doesn’t hurt that the eyeliner is encased in a sleek blue pen - very professional looking for a Japanese brand.

Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Chocolate 

I wasn’t sure whether to make this purchase or not because people usually flock to Dolly Wink for their false eyelashes, not so much their eyebrow pencils. But while I’m not really a false eyelash enthusiast (I have neither the time nor need to make my eyes actually look doll-like), my eyebrows usually do need a lot of attention so I decided to opt for their brow pencil. While it’s not perfect, the Dolly Wink brow pencil is definitely a respectable choice for lining your brows. I used it to fill in the gaps in my brow, and the Dark Chocolate was a good match for my hair color and tanned skin tone. You kind of have to press hard for the pencil color to transfer to your brow bone, but I suppose it’s to ensure that you don’t get too much product on yourself and end up with manly brows.

The dual end brush was also effective in pushing my brow hairs where I want them to be. After a little fussing I got my eyebrows to look how I wanted, but my problem was with the longevity. My eyebrows stayed in place quite nicely for a few hours but after a while the end hairs looked bare and droopy again and I needed a touch up. It isn’t my favorite product, but I probably should have gotten their eyebrow powder and mascara as well to see which was best for my fickle brows (and to indulge myself in the adorably pink and girly packaging that they come in).

Are you a fan of Sasa, FairyDrops, K-Palette, or Dolly Wink?