Semi-Productive Things I Have Done Recently

I feel the need to remind myself that this summer is not just being wasted on mindless shopping, sleeping, sightseeing, and sunbathing, so here I go:

  • Connected my blog to a ton of syndication networks, whose links I will post in the near future. I knew that actually trying to make my new blog a legitimate thing rather than a mere procrastination tool would require a lot of work, but I hadn’t realized the blogosphere was this big. My aunt describes my quest as ‘expanding my online empire’ which sounds very cool and all except I’m still a nobody. If you would like to help me expand my 'empire,’ you can find my contact email in my About page.
  • J'ai pratiqué mon français. Il a été difficile parce que personne ici ne parle français. J'ai aussi pratiqué mon tagalog. Slowly but surely, I seem to be losing my six years of French training. As for Tagalog, my comprehension is near flawless but I can’t wrap my tongue around the accent. And the better I get at one language, the worse I get at the other - the struggles of an aspiring linguist.
  • Okay this may fall under mindless shopping but I acquired myself my fall jacket (well, I may get more fall jackets but this will be my main one). It’s from ZARA’s TRF collection and I bought it at their Spring/Summer End-of-Season sale (which is still going on so check out a Zara near you or online now!). Here’s my jacket post.
  • Created new designs for my online store, JUST WEAR CLOTHES, and sketched out some upcoming ones. I kinda wish I could I could buy all my shirts - I promise they’re cute so you should check them out! BoF just did an article on the rise of the fashion sweatshirt - maybe your next sweatshirt could be one of my designs? ;)

  • Revised my résumé to make myself stand out as an appealing job candidate instead of a lost soul with a truly dreadful GPA. Used said résumé to get an interview at my dream firm - which probably won’t hire me because of complications in the hiring process. Well, at least I tried. Maybe I’ll still get the internship. Who knows.
  • Mapped out future blog posts in my drafts so I can have a better create/reblog ratio. I always have lots of ideas of things to write about but I seem to forget them if I don’t write them down. And a writer’s not a writer if they don’t write, right? (Uh, I didn’t plan that.)
  • Educated myself on everything relevant to my future career(s). I probably should have applied for classes at La Salle or Ateneo so their could be actual structure (and credit) to my studies, but I like being my own teacher. I’ve learned more about economics and the fashion industry and web design in the past month or so than I did my entire freshman year at BC. Not that classes at BC aren’t enlightening, but the fact that they come with tests and homework kind of puts me off and I fail to absorb any information when I’m finished the assigned tasks. Reading up on things on my own has always proved successful - elementary school reading classes bored the crap out of me but I tested at a high school reading level because of all the heavy duty reading I did on my own. 
  • Started figuring out how to pay for this year’s tuition and fees at BC. Financing your higher education without the help of your parents or family is really quite difficult. I don’t advise it unless you are as stubborn as I am. The main thing I try to avoid in my life is being a burden to other people, such as my family, but that means piling on all of the burdensome things onto myself. Hooray, independence? Education is extremely important to me, and I really couldn’t settle for less than the best school I was accepted to, even if it’s gonna cost me a bloody arm and a leg in the end.

Okay so this post was neither riveting nor particularly informative but now I feel grounded in the fact that I have been occasionally productive these past few days. TL;DR I’m gonna shut up and blog some pretty pictures now. And plan my next shopping trip. And maybe take a nap.