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We made it to February, guys! Politics aside, it's been a good first few days of February. The Patriots won the Super Bowl, Gerome and I went on a date night to see Cabaret, and I've been productive with work. The only horrible thing that's happened are the blisters that I currently have on both of my feet 😭😭😭. I got these Steve Madden sneakers from LF Boutique's sale (I've wanted fluffy sneakers for a long time) and while they were nicely snug and comfy initially, they gave me really bad blisters on the backs of my heels on my walk to work last Thursday. Since I couldn't really walk in any of my shoes, Gerome went out to grab me these suede Forever 21 slides before our Broadway date night on Friday. Even though they were cute and didn't agitate my blisters, they were a size too small and gave me ANOTHER blister on one of my toes 😭😭😭. Eventually, I found these Steve Madden booties that don't rub against my blisters (except for the little toe blister), but I foresee many days working from home in the near future to avoid walking around too much. Now that TMI blister storytime is over, onto my January favorites! January was a rollercoaster of a month in America, but I found solace in a lot of great products that I used throughout the month. Here are some of my favorites - I hope they become your favorites too!

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