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spring trends 2017 + nasty women merch

So we're a few days into the administration of an orange monster and we've already heard unbelievably bad things coming from his White House such as their lies being "alternative facts." However, having marched in the Women's March sister event in Boston, I'm trying to feel optimistic about the future because there are so many people fighting to take back what America has been working toward for hundreds of years. You can check out what the Women's March would like to accomplish in the next 100 days HERE. Marching with millions all over the world was empowering but will change nothing if we don't continue to act. On a lighter note, in this post I will be exploring some of of my favorite trends in fashion for the spring. These are my personal favorites that I hope to incorporate into my wardrobe as soon as possible. There are still days where I'm freezing but there have been some weirdly nice days here in Boston so spring may come early this year (and it's a sign of more climate change, but let's not get into more negativity just yet). I've rounded up a few shoppable items for each trend so you can get your trendy spring wardrobe ready, plus I added some feminist pieces at the end because the future is female. Enjoy!

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