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Cute Valentine’s Day Look

I never really liked Valentine’s Day (except for the post-holiday chocolate sales) until I started dating Gerome and now I shamelessly love the holiday a lot. People always say “oh it’s just a fake greeting card holiday” or “you should love your significant other every day of the year” but I don’t see what’s wrong with having another time of the year where you can be extra lovey with your favorite person. It’s also another time of the year where you and your bae can dress up for a fancy date - what’s not to love about that? Gerome always dresses nicely (you’re more likely to find me bumming around in sweats than him) but I’m still excited for him to kick his sartorial game up a notch this weekend. I have no idea what surprise date he has planned so I’m not sure what I’m going to wear yet, but I’ve still been feeling Valentine’s vibes lately. Keep reading to see all the details (including makeup) from this 90s inspired cute Valentine’s Day look!

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Banana Republic Sale Haul + New H&M Platform Boots

The past few days I’ve done more shopping than someone whose rent is also due should have done. Thankfully Banana Republic was having a sale on their sale and that is where I did most of my shopping. Gerome and I went to three different Banana Republics the past few days and all of them had 60% off sale items. I overheard a sales associate attributing the drastic sale to Marissa Webb’s departure as the creative director (she’s now a creative adviser to the brand) and the brand shifting their style and vision once again. Keep reading to see all of our Banana Republic finds (plus my new H&M platform ankle boots)!

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