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5 eyeliners to try now that kat von d beauty is cancelled

Hey guys! Ever since news broke that Kat Von D is an anti-vaxxer, I've been devastated. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner is one of my favorite eyeliners and I also love her brand's lipsticks - but I can't support the business of someone who will selfishly and stupidly endanger the life of her own children as well as all the other people around them. This post includes eyeliners that aren't necessarily dupes, but other eyeliners I've loved over the years that I'll be going back to once my Tattoo Liner dries up. I won't be tossing my Tattoo Liner or other KVD products since that would be wasteful and needlessly harmful to the environment, but I won't be repurchasing unless she has a big change of heart and decides to vaccinate her children. When I was a small child, I suffered a disease that was and is preventable by a vaccine (I still don't know what the reason for this was, but I was born in the Philippines, where medicine isn't as advanced as it is in the US). I am thankful for all the other vaccinations that I did receive, which meant I stayed healthy and didn't endanger anyone else. I am very disappointed in Kat Von D's decision to use her platform to spread dangerous pseudoscience and highly encourage anyone who is even thinking about being an anti-vaxxer to do the appropriate science-backed research. Anyways, enjoy this post - I hope it helps you find some replacements for your Kat Von D Tattoo Liner!

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summer favorites

Hey everyone! I gotta be honest with you - this summer was not totally great. I have so many blog posts in my drafts but I haven't had the energy or motivation to finish a lot of them because I'm still recovering from a myriad of injuries. In mid-July, I was in a car accident with Gerome, and then a week after that while still trying to recover, I fell down the stairs. My head was banged up, my back was banged up, my tailbone was banged up, my lungs were banged up, and my ribcage was banged up. I just went back to work this past week and also went on a short early birthday trip for Gerome, but before that, I rarely left my bed. On the bright side, there were a few days where I felt okay this summer, so I did end up doing some fun things and acquiring some favorites. I felt like I should try to compile a little favorites post for y'all because I have been out of commission for so long. This is a short one, but I'll be back soon with more! I hope you enjoy this post - please give it a like at the end if you do!

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