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i love basic mall brands

I recently read a piece in the Atlantic called Ann Taylor and the Case for Boring Office Clothes and it got me thinking about how I still love basic mall brands of the Ann Taylor variety. If you peeked into my wardrobe, about 80% of my clothing comes from a store or brand you’d typically find at a mid-tier mall. I grew up in a mall town–King of Prussia–and shopping at mall brands has been a part of me ever since, even as I shop all the new and amazing brands crushing it in the boutique and e-commerce scene. For work clothing especially, I frequently shop Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, LOFT, and J.Crew.

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crane estate & summer scallops

Last month, Gerome and I visited Ipswich, MA to see The Crane Estate. It was the 125th Anniversary of The Trustees (they preserve historical sites and cultural landmarks in Massachusetts) so there was a ‘Home Sweet Home’ Open House at a number of beautiful Trustees properties during which admission was free. We chose to go to The Crane Estate because it was the most eye-catching of all the mansions that were holding open houses. Once we got to the property, we were not disappointed by what we saw. Keep reading to see photos from our visit to the Crane Estate (including what I wore and what we ate in Ipswich)!

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