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welcome to | summer sixteen lookbook

Hey there! If you've followed This Is Yna before on Tumblr ( you may already know who I am, but for anyone who is new, I'm Yna! I've been blogging at This Is Yna since 2013 but I've finally decided to get my own website! I've always loved Tumblr but I decided it was time to finally make myself a big girl website with a domain name and all. I thought that as someone who works in marketing, I should try to work on my branding - my Instagram has been @thisisyna for a while now, so please go follow me there if you haven't already! To get you acquainted (or reacquainted) with me and my blog, I thought I'd do a lookbook of some of my favorite outfits that I've worn this past summer. I'm so excited for fall fashion now that autumn is officially starting this week but I still loved the clothes I got for this summer, many of which I'll transition into a lot of my fall outfits.  I hope you enjoy this post and my blog!

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All Black Everything

I’ve recently been doing a lot of shopping and have found myself stocking up on a lot of black. It’s probably my favorite color to wear because what’s more chic (and also badass) than an all black outfit? Earlier this week was the first time I found myself wearing such an ensemble this season. Keep reading to see my outfit details and some more black essentials to add to your wardrobe!

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