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spring statement shirt

It just snowed again here in Boston despite it being April already (nice April Fool's joke, mother nature), but here's another outfit that I hope to wear more during the warmer days of spring. I love so many of this season's trends like embroidery, florals, bows, and more, so I was really happy when I found a shirt at Primark that was really affordable and had a lot of my favorite spring trends. It's super pretty and versatile so if you want to see how I styled it, keep reading this post! Don't forget to check the end of the post for other shirts that I found incorporating spring's fun trend details!

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My Boyfriend Buys Me Clothes Challenge

Hey guys, can you believe it’s March already? I wanted to do a different kind of post this week and was inspired by YouTube videos where girls challenge their boyfriends to buy them outfits and then in turn, they buy their boyfriends outfits. I asked Gerome if he wanted to play along since we’re usually great shopping buddies, and with a little hesitation, he agreed. He’s a pretty stylish guy himself - I’m never concerned with what he’s wearing since he dresses very well - but he was definitely nervous about picking things for me without my help. So we went shopping and I followed him around as he picked outfits for me. Keep reading to see the clothes Gerome picked for me and what I ended up keeping!

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