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petite creators you should follow

Hey guys! You all probably know by now that I'm tiny af - 4'9" to be exact - so of course I have a lot of love for other petite creators. It's hard putting out content in an industry dominated by tall girls, but we make it work. It can be difficult finding style inspiration when you're extra short, so I wanted to provide a resource you can go to if you're looking to see how certain looks and styles of clothing look on shorter heights. Not all of the bloggers in this list are just fashion bloggers either - there are lots of lifestyle bloggers who do other things besides drool over clothes like I do. Petite content creators are awesome all around. Please bookmark this post if you're a petite gal looking for inspiration for dressing for your height or just want more similarly short ladies to "look up" to. I've included everyone's height for reference and I'll be updating it as I find more petite bloggers. Enjoy this post and make sure to share it with other petite ladies in your life!

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