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october favorites + new over the knee boots

Happy Halloween everyone - I hope you had a fun and safe weekend! My Halloween weekend mostly consisted of eating a lot of food and going to Target a lot but it was still quite enjoyable. It's so crazy that it's already the end of October but this month I have some favorites to share with you! This is a short list of different things that I've loved this month but they're all amazing. One of my newest favorites is a pair of over-the-knee boots I've only had since Saturday since I bought them for a Halloween party, but I love them so much that I had to share them asap!

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"How do you define Filipina beauty?"

I hear this phrase every time a Palmolive commercial comes on TV here in the Philippines. They, as a shampoo company, answer this with ‘perfectly bagsak hair’ or perfectly straight hair. However, after having stayed in the Philippines for a month already, I’ve seen a huge discrepancy between “Filipina beauty” and real Filipina beauty.

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