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winter beauty favorites

As I write this, I'm in bed recovering from the flu - apparently God heard and answered my prayers of "please let my little sister get better and just give me her flu" so ironically I haven't touched many of my beauty products in a week and my skin is a mess. Once I'm better, I'll definitely be coating my face with these favorites, which all served me well this winter when my skin was a bit less crusty and sensitive from constant nose-blowing. These beauty favorites also aren't winter-specific so I'll be using them year-round but I did acquire them and/or use them a lot in the past few months. Hopefully winter isn't going to last much longer (despite what the groundhog said) because I'm tired of getting sick and would love to go out without covering my face (and makeup) with a scarf. I hope you enjoy this deep dive into my recent favorite makeup and skincare products!

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j.crew petite puffer jacket

Hi everyone! Just wanted to share the newest piece in my winter weather arsenal - my J.Crew petite long belted puffer jacket! It's my new jacket that I ordered on Cyber Monday and I received it just in time for temperatures to drop drastically here in Boston. So thankful that I decided to buy this jacket and really happy about how warm it has kept me the past few days that I've worn it! Keep reading to see how I feel about the fit and everything I like and dislike about the jacket - it's on major sale right now at J.Crew Factory so hopefully this post will help you decide whether to pick it up or not!

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