Topshop Personal Shopping: Hong Kong


TOPSHOP Personal Shopping: Hong Kong

You may have noticed that I have been absent from my blog for a few days save for a few Instagrams, and that was because I took a little vacation within a vacation to Hong Kong and Macau. It was a very fun and relaxing trip - not too much sightseeing but a fair amount of eating, sleeping, and my personal favorite - shopping.

As part of my shopping escapades in Hong Kong, I made a point to drop by the newly opened TOPSHOP flagship in Central. A collaboration with Lane Crawford subsidiary Lab Concept and TOPSHOP’s first venture into China, it’s a beautiful store in a well-appointed location right across from H&M. In the US I don’t live near any of the few TOPSHOPs and in the Philippines, most of the TOPSHOPs have very limited selections, so it was lovely to walk into the large (for a Hong Kong retail space) store on Queen’s Road. It’s a very trend-oriented store, with much of their space dedicated to their Unique, Boutique, and denim collections rather than their basic lines.

Since I knew I would be overwhelmed by all the pretty clothes in TOPSHOP, I decided to book a personal shopping appointment the weekend before I came. I had read about the service on many blogs and wanted to try it for myself. It’s a complimentary service and it’s very easy to book an appointment - just shoot them an email with the date and time of your liking as well as your sizes and style preferences. Once you walk into the store and into private personal shopping suite just past the dressing rooms, the entire experience will be tailored to your needs.

The moment I was showed into the personal shopping suite they were very welcoming. My clothes weren’t ready yet since the previous client was just leaving, but they showed me inside my spacious personal dressing room and let me drop my other shopping bags in it. My shopper, Linda, asked about my blog (as she personally escorted me to the bathroom, no less), which was lovely since I’m a big fan of people who do their research. They offered my aunt shopping with me that day the personal shopping experience too but she declined in favor of walking the floor herself. We were both offered cupcakes and magazines to peruse as we waited in their plush chairs, which was a nice touch.

My shopper really knew what she was doing. Five minutes into my wait and she was back along with an assistant with armfuls of clothing tailored to my style and measurements. She picked racks of clothing that were absolutely gorgeous - many of which I would have just walked past in the store but ended up falling in love with when I tried them on. She even took one look at my outfit that day - a black and white animal print Marks & Spencer jacket, electric blue Aqua jeans, and Anne Klein combat booties - and brought more stuff in along those lines. I had mentioned my love of Emma Watson’s style in my email and lo and behold there was a floral tea dress on my rack just like one Emma wore a few weeks ago.

Linda was very accommodating and not bothersome as I tried on clothes, only asking to come in if she had new stuff to show me or to give me styling tips. She gave great advice on how to wear certain pieces in fun new ways, what to wear to make me look taller (which is always a bonus), and what colors are best with my skintone. She even told me which pieces they were showing me that British celebs like Victoria Beckham also had in their closet. With full outfits pre-arranged on the rack she showed me how to mix and match, fetched the proper bras when certain tops or dresses needed it, and never hesitated to grab another size when an item didn’t quite sit right on my frame. The other shoppers and their assistants were equally lovely - peeking in at times to give me dresses they thought would look good on me and showing me the day’s brand new wares, some of which are unique to the Hong Kong location.

Some of my favorite pieces that I tried on were the Daisy Open Back Tea Dress, the Bunny Print Shirt, the Floral Lace Burnout Top, the Check Flock Spot Mini Skirt, the Petite Aztec Cami, the Petite Denim Look Skater Skirt, the Dotty Cut-Out Dress, the MOTO Bone Leigh Jeans, the Neon Animal Tunic Dress, and the Petite Aztec Boucle Jacket. Honestly, nearly everything was a fave for me. I only really rejected pieces if I already owned something like it or if it just wasn’t right for my weirdly proportioned body. Aesthetically, my shopper understood my style perfectly.

I ended up walking out with just one full outfit since my aunt was footing the bill for the day and I’ve already squeezed her dry with all my other shopping this vacation. But I do have many more of Linda’s suggested pieces waiting in my shopping bag, which I am sure to buy once I’m back home in the US. There’s just something about the TOPSHOP Personal Shopping service that gets you addicted to their clothing, and the whole experience was definitely a highlight of my short stay in Hong Kong.

Want to try out TOPSHOP Hong Kong’s Personal Shopping service for yourself? Email or go to for their other Personal Shopping locations.

TOPSHOP HK is located at Asia Standard Tower, 56-65 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong