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2019 goals update

Hey friends, hope you’re staying cool in this early August heat (the climate change crisis we’re in is no joke)! Back in January, I wrote a post called hello 2019 which outlined some of my goals for the year. In the spirit of keeping myself accountable, here is an update on those goals since we’re now a month past the middle point of the year. I don’t think I’m necessarily doing great, but progress is progress and being self-aware can sometimes be half the battle.

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hello 2019

Hello! You wouldn’t know it by the fact that my Christmas tree is still up, but we’re well into the new year! I kind of dropped the ball on this blog in 2018, but please send thoughts and prayers for the success and growth of in 2019. Besides the inconsistent blogging, 2018 had some rough patches and really sad moments (and the world fell apart a little bit more) — but I’d like to think that 2018 was still a really wonderful year. I travelled to new cities, I got a new job that I really like, I became an aunt, I saw Hamilton and a bunch of other amazing shows, and I moved in with Gerome!

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holiday gift guide 2017 | black friday edition

If you haven't already started shopping for holiday gifts (or shopping for yourself, I won't judge), now's the week to do it. There are so many sales happening right now for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so I thought I'd let you know about all the best sales as well as some of my favorite items from those sales. I'll let you know if you need a code or if the sales I mention are sitewide sales as well as when the sales end, so this is definitely the post to bookmark if you're going to cozy up in bed after Thanksgiving to start doing some intense online shopping. I hope you find this post helpful for all your holiday shopping!

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petite creators you should follow

Hey guys! You all probably know by now that I'm tiny af - 4'9" to be exact - so of course I have a lot of love for other petite creators. It's hard putting out content in an industry dominated by tall girls, but we make it work. It can be difficult finding style inspiration when you're extra short, so I wanted to provide a resource you can go to if you're looking to see how certain looks and styles of clothing look on shorter heights. Not all of the bloggers in this list are just fashion bloggers either - there are lots of lifestyle bloggers who do other things besides drool over clothes like I do. Petite content creators are awesome all around. Please bookmark this post if you're a petite gal looking for inspiration for dressing for your height or just want more similarly short ladies to "look up" to. I've included everyone's height for reference and I'll be updating it as I find more petite bloggers. Enjoy this post and make sure to share it with other petite ladies in your life!

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the river café

Hey guys! Gerome and I started off the month with a short trip to New York for his 25th birthday because we got tickets to the August 6th show of Dave Chappelle's Radio City Music Hall residency. I thought about making one big post about the trip, but there are a couple different things I want to highlight from the trip so this will probably be a series of New York posts I scatter around other pieces of content on my blog instead of an extra long post. This post is about our experience at The River Cafe, which is a beautiful Michelin-starred restaurant in Brooklyn. We started off our trip in New York with lunch at the restaurant, and I honestly think I’ll remember the meal for life. I hope you enjoy my little attempt at being a food blogger!

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white supremacy in america

Normally, I wouldn't write such a negative blog post, but shit is hitting the fan right now and I just want to vent. While I don't encourage wallowing in negative thoughts, journalling is also very cathartic and can be good for your mental health. This isn't a post you'll enjoy, but I hope you'll be able to relate to my feelings and also be able to form your own thoughts on the matter.

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